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Welcome To METU NCC Chemical Engineering Program

A chemical engineer makes use of his/her background in chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology together with the skills of engineering and computer sciences. A chemist, a related professional, is generally interested in the behavior and synthesis of chemicals and work in small quantities in the laboratory to economically produce products on a large scale. The responsibility of a chemical engineer typically consists of:

  • Assessing the feasibility of a process in order to produce a chemical or a product
  • Selecting and designing processing equipment
  • Operating, monitoring and controlling production
  • Preparing recipes, determining quantities to be mixed and compounded
  • Quality control assuring a high quality product
  • Monitoring the efficiency of the process; process development
  • Managing chemical companies
  • Marketing and sales of chemical products


METU Northern Cyprus Chemical Engineering Program

Chemical engineering requires a strong background in basic sciences, mathematics, engineering sciences and skills as well as environmental, social and ethical consciousness. Our curriculum is designed to educate the future generation of chemical engineers who are well equipped in all of these areas. The students develop a strong background in chemistry and engineering with courses such as organic and physical chemistry, thermodynamics, unit operations and reaction engineering. Using this basis, we educate engineers who are capable of designing, operating, monitoring and maintaining chemical process plants. In addition to a strong technical background, in many courses we greatly emphasize environmental consciousness, ethical responsibilities and occupational health and safety issues. The program allows for students to specialize in two concentration areas: Resources Engineering (Area A) and Chemical Product Engineering (Area B). Resources Engineering track is available all the time, whereas the Chemical Product Engineering track is opened based on the number of students that demand it. Significant number of elective courses can be taken in each area providing program flexibility.


The Chemical Engineering Program at METU NCC aims to prepare its graduates to take leadership positions in the chemical and related industries of tomorrows’ dynamic world. For this purpose, we bring together the best faculty, make use of the advanced facilities and education tools, and employ student-centered and open-ended-problem-based teaching approaches. We seek to provide a rich environment of learning and opportunity for the development of our students. In addition, our curriculum also allows the students to participate actively in various research projects.

A close examination of a list of challenges of the coming decades, such as efficient use of material and energy resources and environmentally safe and economic production of chemical products, clearly shows the central and ever increasing importance of chemical engineering as a profession. It is our aim for our graduates to be distinguished from other engineers and also from the graduates of other chemical engineering programs, and to be able to better tackle such contemporary and future issues of modern economy and a stressed world.

It is obviously a great challenge and excitement for us to work for the growth of the Chemical Engineering Program at our Northern Cyprus Campus and simultaneously develop it unconventional new directions. This might have been an impossible task if the total commitment of the Chemical Engineering Department of our mother Campus in Ankara was absent. Full support in all aspects of our Program here in Northern Cyprus is pledged by our parent Department, which has the expertise and means of providing such support, with its over 50 years of successful experience, its highest standards and quality, and its well-deserved international reputation. This support is undoubtedly our most important assurance for the development of our Program in the envisioned direction.

Career Opportunities

Chemical engineers who graduate from our program will be able to take responsibilities in the chemical and related industries. Chemical engineers usually work in the areas of petroleum refining, petrochemicals, rubber and plastics, pulp and paper, fiber and textiles, pharmaceuticals, dyes and paints, cosmetics, sugar and starch, fermentation, fine and specialty chemicals, soap and detergent, oil, glass, ceramic, cement, industrial gas, catalyst, semiconductor, food, fertilizer, and agricultural chemicals. It is expected that, many companies would highly demand our graduates due to their in depth knowledge in the Resources Engineering or Chemical Product Engineering areas. Resources engineering emphasizes sustainable raw material and energy use, whereas Chemical Product Engineering emphasizes development and production of products such as ceramics, composites, plastics, dyes, and paints.