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METU NCC Chemical engineering - ODTÜ KKK Kimya Mühendisliği METU NCC Chemical engineering - ODTÜ KKK Kimya Mühendisliği METU NCC Chemical engineering - ODTÜ KKK Kimya MühendisliğiMETU NCC Chemical engineering - ODTÜ KKK Kimya Mühendisliği

Chemical Engineering Program relies heavily on a solid background in chemistry. In this respect students take, in addition to the freshman level general chemistry courses, various specialized chemistry courses during the third, fourth and fifth semesters of their studies. These courses are offered with an integral laboratory component. Thus the students have an opportunity to develop their practical skills in the laboratories of Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry courses. These laboratories are offered and managed by faculty serving in the Chemistry Group. The laboratories are well-equipped with equipments such as FT-IR, UV Spectrophotometer, Refractometer and Gas Chromotographhy.

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Chemical Engineering Lab I:
Chemical engineering laboratories include both classical and contemporary pilot-sized units operations and process equipment that are used by the students for the development of their skills in understanding and operating basic and more complex systems. These laboratory courses are offered and managed by faculty serving in the Chemical Engineering Program. Training of students on these equipment is provided in two separate courses, Chemical Engineering Laboratory I and II (CHME 302 & 401). Chemical engineering Lab I comprises the following experiments

Flow Measurements Test

Head Loss in Piping and Fittings

Centrifugal Pump

Linear and Axial Conduction

Natural and Forced Convection

Radiation Laws

Bomb Calorimeter

Chemical Engineering Lab II: In the seventh semester students undertake chemical engineering lab-II (CHME 401), where they work on the following experiments:

Computer Controlled Heat Exchanger Service Unit

Chemical Reactors Apparatus

Cooling Tower Apparatus

Continuous Distillation Unit

Absorption Unit

Continuous Liquid – Liquid Extraction Unit

Temperature Controller Bench

Level Controller Bench

Tray Dryer