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Tuition Fees & Scholarships

Tuition fees are charged for registered Masters students. Tuition fees do not cover accommodation and living expenses, and some individual items of registration such as identity card purchase. 

Fees are to be paid at the beginning of each semester of study, typically at least one week before the commencement of classes. Deadlines are listed on the university’s academic calendar.

Fee rates are standard and non-discriminatory, i.e, they apply to all students irrespective of origin, citizenship or nationality. The tuition fee rate is established by the University on an annual basis and is non-negotiable. The tuition fee is calculated on a semester basis. The University guarantees that the tuition fee to be paid will not vary by more than the Consumer Price Index for Northern Cyprus from the rate quoted at the beginning of the period of a student’s registration.

Fees for students newly registered by 2015-2016 Fall/Spring Semesters:

For the citizens of Turkey or T.R.N.C.: For the first 4 semesters, 4000 TL per semester.
For the fifth and sixth semesters: 1300 TL per semester.
English Preparatory Program or Scientific Adaptation Program: 4000 TL per semester

For the citizens of other countries: For the first 4 semesters, 2000 USD per semester.
For the fifth and sixth semesters: 650 USD per semester.
English Preparatory Program or Scientific Adaptation Program: 2000 USD per semester

Please see the academic calendar for fee payment deadlines.

Financial Costs and Financial Support

Financial support for graduate students at METU NCC takes two principal forms, either assistantships or scholarships. The details of both are set out below.

Scholarships and Assistantships

The following Scholarships and Assistantships are open to application for those who are admitted to the Masters in English Language Teaching. Those who wish to apply for a scholarship should submit the scholarship application at the same time as submitting the main admission application.



      • All applicants – irrespective of origin, nationality or citizenship – to the Masters program are eligible to apply for a scholarship.
      • All scholarships will be assessed and awarded on the basis of merit.
      • Award of one scholarship will not preclude application and award of subsequent scholarship/s.

Terms of the Scholarship

      • Scholarships can be taken up in the Masters program only.
      • Scholarships will take the form of partial or full fee-waivers only, typically a 50% fee-waiver.

Teaching Assistantships (TA)

From time to time, full Teaching Assistantship positions become available in the English Language Teaching program. These positions, when available, are highly competitive and are awarded on merit and evidence of promise to be able to perform well either as a TA. They are awarded only to students admitted to the Masters program. It is unlikely that there will be more than one TA position open each year for the immediate future.

The summary terms of a TA position include a 100% accommodation fee-waiver and a monthly salary currently 2,200TL per calendar month. Tuition is deducted as a monthly payment from the TA’s salary. The TA position requires up to 20hrs per week in assistantship duties as assigned by the program coordinator and annual leave of 20 days.

TA positions are subject to periodic performance review and continuation of the positions presupposes a minimum CGPA of 3.00/4.00 on the ELT program.