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Course Descriptions

ENLT 506 Second Language Acquisition (3-0)3
Surveying current research in language acquisition with special emphasis on similarities and differences between child and adult language and between native and foreign language acquisition.

ENLT 507 Curriculum Development for English Language Teaching (3-0)3
Curriculum development and course design as applied to ELT; language functions, notions, and speech acts; principles of functional /notional or communicative syllabus strategies and techniques; designing structural interviews and questionnaires; and discourse analysis and teacher training for ELT.

ENLT 508 Contemporary Issues in ELT (3-0)3
Analyzing current academic research, scholarship, and debates in broad areas of English language teaching. These areas include, but are not limited to, teaching English to Turkish speakers, linguistics, language acquisition, the Turkish educational system, technology and language instruction, and global Englishes.

ENLT 509 Teaching English with Literature (3-0)3
Examining contributions of literature to the process and purpose of learning English as a foreign language; poetry, prose and drama in the EFL classroom; and approaches to selecting texts for different levels of learners.

ENLT 513 Linguistics for English Language Teaching (3-0)3
Examining contributions of linguistics to the field of foreign language teaching, including current approaches to the linguistic analysis of English.

ENLT 514 Teaching Young Learners (3-0)3
Teaching English as a foreign language to young learners from both theoretical and practical standpoints. Topics include understanding young learners, classroom management, techniques of teaching language skills and elements, group dynamics, lesson planning, and assessment.

ENLT 517 Materials Evaluation and Development in ELT (3-0)3
Reviewing methods of evaluating language teaching materials and adaptation techniques and applying evaluation and adaptation criteria to materials currently employed. Determining appropriate discovery procedures for developing effective language teaching materials through applied research.

ENLT 518 English Language Testing (3-0)3
Major aspects of English language testing including item analysis and interpretation of test scores; subjective and objective tests; procedures in preparing different kinds of test items appropriate for testing different language skills; and practice in item writing and statistical methods.

ENLT 520 English-Turkish Contrastive Analysis (3-0)3
Introducing current approaches to contrastive analysis. Comparing and contrasting English and Turkish in the areas of phonetics and phonology, syntax and semantics, and with special emphasis on problem areas in language teaching and learning.

ENLT 521 Cultural Aspects of Language Teaching (3-0)3
Providing language teachers with a basis for introducing a cultural component into their teaching; significance of culture in teaching English as a foreign language; perspectives on how language and culture interact; and distinctions between understanding and participating in cultures.

ENLT 524 Language Teacher  Development (3-0)3
Examining how language teachers develop professionally; includes key concepts in teacher education; distinction between language teacher education, training and development; teacher cognition and knowledge; teacher beliefs about language teaching and learning; reflective practice and action research; and observation and feedback on teaching.

ENLT 525 Research Methods for ELT (3-0)3
Reviews most widespread methods of carrying out research in ELT and language acquisition, with focus on experimental design and implementation, data collection and analysis, and standards of data reporting. Topics also include ethical standards in research and basic statistical analysis and software packages. This course prepares students for conducting their own term project/thesis work, and enables them to understand and evaluate ELT research during their academic and subsequent careers.

ENLT 526 Approaches, Methods and Techniques in ELT (3-0)3
Analyzing major approaches, methods, and techniques of English language teaching. Including the linguistic and psychological theories behind them and practical applications of techniques for teaching various language skills, including listening and speaking, grammar, vocabulary, and reading and writing.

ENLT 527 Teaching Practicum (3-0)3
This seminar covers different topics related to classroom teaching and classroom-centered research, including instructional observation, practice teaching, and in-class data collection and analysis. Projects based on these topics will be assigned during the semester.

ENLT 528 Instructional Technology in English Language Teaching (3-0)3
Examining current developments in the use of instructional technology in language teaching; use of computers, interactive video, television and video in language teaching; and approaches to the design, evaluation, development and application of English language teaching course-ware by using instructional technology.

ENLT 529 Global English: Political, Economic and Ethical Considerations (3-0)3
Explores the role and nature of the English language in a global context, focusing on political, economic, and ethical implications. This may include analysis of language standards, speech communities, linguistic identities, literacy practices, and language planning impacting contemporary English language teaching. Contextual issues include the implications of decolonization, diaspora communities, the Internet, and globalization for diversifying the structure, norms, and usage of the English language.

ENLT 590 Seminar in English Language Teaching NC
Preparation towards M.A. thesis proposal through prescribed readings; written or oral presentation of the work developed.

ENLT 599 Master’s Thesis NC

ENLT 800-899 Special Studies NC