Graduate Studies in Political Science and International Relations

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Graduate Studies in Political Science and International Relations

The Masters in Political Science and International Relations enrolled its first graduate students in September 2009. As noted earlier, the program was deliberately designed to allow those from different disciplinary backgrounds and experience to enrol in a specialist graduate program in PSIR which would provide both a rigorous path to research studies as well as sharpen analytical and research skills for those in professional life.
The members of faculty who have taught hitherto on the graduate programme are evidence of the range and quality of courses and thesis advice which the program set out to promote. Thus the graduate program has benefitted from teaching and thesis advising from,

Dr. Ömür BİRLER  (of METU Ankara)

Dr. Rebecca BRYANT    (now of the London School of Economics)

Dr. Leonard HAMMER   


Dr. Şebnem OĞUZ     

Assoc. Prof. Dr. YONCA ÖZDEMİR


Asst. Prof. Dr. HANDE SÖZER

Dr. Burak ULMAN            (of Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul)




A key part of the MS in Political Science and International Relations is the thesis or dissertation. In keeping with our objectives of encouraging interdisciplinary study and critical enquiry, students hitherto have pursued a wide range of thesis topics. Below are listed some of the past and current (in progress) thesis topics.

Recently completed

        • Evaluating rentier theory and resource course theory : the case of the Libyan civil war.
        • Assessing the justice triangle: a phenomenological analysis of victim, offender and the state.
        • An examination of the nature and effects of the TRIPS Agreement : Foucauldian critique of power.
        • The Turkish immigrant in the Turkish Cypriot imaginary : an examination of the exclusions in daily life.
        • The relationship between economic growth and inequality in Brazil considering socioeconomic policy changes, 1992-2012.
        • Putin and virtu: historicizing Machiavelli in twenty-first century Russian politics.
        • State patriarchy and accumulation by dispossession : sexual labour and the reproduction of capital in northern Cyprus.
        • Intellectual hegemony of Justice and Development Party: A Gramscian perspective.

In progress

      • The legal status of the Caspian Sea and its significance for environmental issues in the region.
      • Oil embargo and oil rentierism : the case of Iran.
      • An assessment of conservation in Northern Cyprus: Biodiversity, the Natura 2000 projects and the TRNC Government.
      • An examination of the governmentalities and effects of e-media and social networks in Turkey.
      • What kind of capitalist development and democracy: Two Russian narratives.
      • An examination of the causes of the 2012 financial crisis in Cyprus.
      • An analysis of the Hatay Arab Alevis' accounts of their relations with Sunni refugees in Hatay after the Syrian Crisis in 2012.
      • 'A Critical Analysis of Arab spring: Case Studies of Egypt and Tunisia'.



In addition to conducting research for their own thesis some graduate students also act as research assistants to faculty staff. Research assistantship positions tend to be ad hoc positions that arise whilst the student is registered for their graduate studies and for which assistance is required by faculty staff on a part-time and fixed duration. Thus the availability of such research assistantships reflect current faculty staff research agenda and securing by them of research funding.

Below are listed some of the projects in which graduate PSIR students have assisted,

      • Mediterranean Studies Group : graduate students have acted as information, web and archive assistants in a permanent study group located on the METU NC campus.
      • Mapping the local political economy of municipal and household waste : a baseline
        audit. Graduate students have acted as information, web and archive assistant as well as assisting in surveying for this Campus Research Fund assisted project.
      • ICT usage study in northern of Cyprus : graduate students have acted as survey assistants on this this Campus Research Fund assisted project.