Why Economics at METU NCC?

Economics and Administrative Sciences Undergraduate Programs

Why Economics at METU NCC?
  • Having started research and education activities in the academic year 2004-2005, the first graduating class of our Economics Program received their BSc degrees in 2008.

  • Appreciating our students as the competent and reputable economists of the future, we educate them through METU's institutionalized system of teaching and tradition of high-quality research, complying fully with the international standards and keeping track of scientific novelties.

  • Our Program blends contemporary economics curriculum of leading universities in the world with the well-established academic tradition of the Economics Department of the METU Ankara Campus. The scope and depth of our curriculum enable our alumni to succeed in post-graduate studies, job exams and interviews.

  • We aim to teach theoretical and applied economics (through mathematical models and statistical methods) as extensively and efficiently as possible. We enforce our technical strength and advantage in economics education by accommodating a good deal of historical and institutional approaches within a pluralist and functional context. 

  • Our students graduate from our Program by learning all the knowledge and skills needed for "economics literacy" and by getting accustomed to overcoming prospective difficulties they will face in business life. Having an excellent command of the English language, our alumni are equipped with the broadest base of economic knowledge in theoretical, applied and historical terms at the scale of undergraduate economics education.   

  • Our students graduate from our Program with the title of "Economist". Our alumni possess all the advantages of being a "METU Economist" in searching for and finding jobs. Certified under METU's guarantee, their BSc degree diplomas provide our alumni with various and high-quality job opportunities. Approved by METU President's signature, the diplomas are awarded officially by "METU Northern Cyprus Campus of the Republic of Turkey".

  • A short while before or after their graduation, our alumni start to reap the benefits of their METU-guaranteed diplomas by finding prominent jobs in outstanding private firms, banks, financial corporations, and public institutions, and receiving acceptance letters from the post-graduate programs of leading universities.

  • Education and research activities in our Economics Program are carried out by six full-time academics resident in Northern Cyprus, along with academics from the METU Ankara Campus who come to give support to the NCC on a regular basis.

  • All of our academic staffs have PhD degrees from pioneering universities of the world. All academic appointments and promotions at METU NCC are carried out in accordance with METU's academic criteria that keep the bar at a very high level. Those students who achieve to enroll in the Economics Program at METU NCC find the opportunity to learn economics from internationally experienced academic staffs with qualified research backgrounds.

  • While our Program implements a similar curriculum to that of the Economics Department of the METU Ankara Campus, our major advantages are the much smaller number of students in the classes and much lower student-per-instructor ratios. Thus, we are able to take care of and follow up our students much more closely in both academic and social terms.

  • METU Economists are brought up so as to internalize social-scientific thinking and acquire technical and analytical skills required in post-graduate education and business life. Equipped with a strong sense of social responsibility, METU Economists are capable of developing theoretical and practical solutions to complex economic and administrative problems.

  • The academic staff of the Economics Program at METU NCC have the following principal goals:

Generating theoretical, applied and historical knowledge as to the functioning of the economy, economic policies and socioeconomic development by conducting research at international standards,

- Contributing to the development of economics literatureandsocial sciences at international level by transforming their research activities into high-quality academic publications,

Transferring their academic knowledge and experience to the students for bringing up competent and reputable "METU Economists", who are well-informed in all fields of economics.


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