Program Structure & Courses

Economics and Administrative Sciences Undergraduate Programs

Program Structure & Courses

Structure of tde Programme

The Masters program comprises seven taught courses, plus a thesis seminar and the research and writing of a thesis.

Students will take five core courses and two elective courses. In addition students will attend a 'thesis seminar' and write a Masters thesis under the supervision of a specialist member of faculty.

Typically students will take three core courses in the Fall Semester followed by two core courses and two elective courses in the Spring Semester. In the following year students will concentrate on the thesis seminar and the research and writing of the thesis.

By following the linked course titles in the table below, a summary outline of each course will be shown

NC = non-credit

  Fall 1 3 PSIR 501 Social and Political Theory
    1 3 PSIR 503 International Relations in Theory and History : the making of tde Modern World
    1 3 PSIR 505 Research Methods In Social and Political Sciences
  Spring 2 3 PSIR 502 Comparative Political Development
    2 3 PSIR 504 Global Political Economy
    2 3 PSIR — Elective
    2 3 PSIR — Elective
  Fall 3 3 PSIR 590 Thesis Seminar
    3 NC PSIR 500 Thesis
  Spring 4 NC PSIR 500 Thesis


Although it is possible in principle to complete the Masters program in three semesters, in practice the expected minimum is four semesters with most students expecting to complete and submit their thesis for defence just prior to the fifth semester. Thus students should expect a typical registration on the master program of two full academic years.

Nevertheless students have up to four semesters (after finishing their taught courses) in order to complete their thesis.

The elective courses offered are tailored wherever possible to the broad interests of the particular cohort of students. In addition to selecting from the list of graduate electives (500 codes), Masters students may take a maximum of one elective from the final year undergraduate elective options (400 codes). Dedicated graduate electives offered hitherto in the program include the following,