Faculty Members

Faculty Members

CAN, İCLAL, , Asst. Prof. Dr. , Acting Coordinator of Guidance & Psychological Counseling Program, B.S., M.S., Gazi University; Ph.D., METU

BUGAY SÖKMEZ, ASLI,  Assoc. Prof. Dr., Guidance and Psychological Counseling , B.S., Ankara University; Ph.D., METU

OWEN, DEAN, Prof. Dr., Guidance & Psychological Counseling, B.A.,M.A., University of South Florida; PhD. University of Florida

 Part Time Faculty

BEİDOĞLU, MÜGE, Assoc. Prof. Dr., Guidance & Psychological Counseilng, B.S., İstanbul University; M.Ed., University of Southern California; Ph.D., METU

KORKUT OWEN, FİDAN, Prof. Dr., Guidance & Psychological Counseling, B.A., M..A., Ph.D; Hacettepe University

POLAT, FİLİZ, Prof. Dr., Guidance & Psychological Counseling Program, ,

CANKOY, OSMAN, Prof. Dr., Guidance & Psychological Counseling, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., METU