Guidance and Psychological Counseling Program’s Counseling Practicum Laboratory

Guidance and Psychological Counseling Program has established a multi-purpose laboratory to enable students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. The laboratory, which is specifically used in courses like Field Practice in Individual Counseling, Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling, Practicum in Group Counseling, and Practicum in Career Counseling, has two individual counseling rooms and one group counseling room. During practice sessions in the laboratory, students are observed by their instructors through the use of a two-way mirrored room system, and get immediate or post-practice feedback when necessary. Being a significant constituent of psychological counseling education, supervision is possible thanks to this laboratory and its equipment. Students can record their practice sessions using the advanced video-audio system within the rooms, and then both students and their supervisors can watch these recordings. Thus, students both evaluate themselves and are evaluated by their supervisors. Students can also monitor their personal and professional development. Confidentiality is of primary importance in all applications conducted in the laboratory, and utmost attention is paid to keep records confidential. To ensure this, students and participants are asked to fill in an informed consent form prior to practice sessions.

Apart from this, our laboratory provides a suitable environment for some other activities such as applying psychological tests, conducting research, having small group classes, and doing psychodrama.

GPC-Laboratory       GPC-Laboratory

GPC-Laboratory      GPC-Laboratory