About The Graduate Program

About The Graduate Program

Middle East Technical University-Northern Cyprus Campus
Master of Arts in English Language Teaching

The MA Program in English Language Teaching aims to provide students with a firm foundation in the cultural, theoretical, and applied aspects of English Language Teaching. The program is designed around three major academic objectives: to foster cultural and contextual knowledge of ELT and English language learners; to instruct students in advanced ELT pedagogies and practices; and to improve interactive English language instruction across diverse instructional mediums. Graduates will develop their capabilities as adaptive and creative thinkers and be equipped with strong academic research skills and superior theoretical and practical knowledge of English language teaching.

The Master’s Degree in English Language Teaching is offered with a thesis option only. In this full-time program, students must complete three required courses, five elective courses, and write a Master’s Thesis. Upon the successful completion of the requirements of the program, the Master’s Degree in English Language Teaching will be awarded.

This is a two-year, full-time program. However, courses are generally scheduled in the evenings to accommodate daytime work and teaching schedules. Part-time enrollment is NOT available.

* MA in English Language Teaching Program will not accept students for 2019-2020 Academic Year.


1 Fall ENLT 508 Contemporary Issues in ELT (3-0)3
1 Fall ENLT 525 Research Methods for ELT (3-0)3
1 Fall   Elective 1 (3-0)3
1 Fall   Elective 2 (3-0)3
1 Spring ENLT 590 Seminar in ELT NC
1 Spring   Elective 3 (3-0)3
1 Spring   Elective 4 (3-0)3
1 Spring   Elective 5 (3-0)3
2 Fall ENLT 599 Master’s Thesis NC
2 Spring ENLT 599 Master’s Thesis NC
Total Credits: 21

Elective Courses

ENLT 506 Second Language Acquisition (3-0)3
ENLT 507 Curriculum Development for ELT (3-0)3
ENLT 509 Teaching English with Literature (3-0)3
ENLT 513 Linguistics for English Language Teaching (3-0)3
ENLT 514 Teaching Young Learners
ENLT 517 Materials Evaluation and Development in ELT (3-0)3
ENLT 518 English Language Testing (3-0)3
ENLT 520 English-Turkish Contrastive Analysis (3-0)3
ENLT 521 Cultural Aspects of Language Teaching (3-0)3
ENLT 524 Language Teacher Development
ENLT 526 Approaches, Methods and Techniques in ELT (3-0)3
ENLT 527 Teaching Practicum
ENLT 528 Instructional Technology in ELT (3-0)3
ENLT 529 Global English: Political, Economic and Ethical Considerations (3-0)3