GPC 100 Coordination

The Coordination of GPC 100 First Year on Campus Seminar

One of the responsibilities of Student Development and Counseling Center (SDCC) is the coordination of GPC 100 First Year on Campus Seminar which is designed to facilitate the college adjustment process of students in their first year at METU NCC. The coordination of GPC 100 is carried out by “Student Contact and Support Office” which is a division of SDCC.

  • Maintaining coordination among advisory committees and other relevant units taking part in the preparation of the course content
  • Answering student questions on the administrative issues related to the course
  • Doing the necessary office work related to the preparation of course materials
  • Making the necessary arrangements to host the speakers invited to the campus for the seminars and / or workshops as part of the course
  • Booking the seminar halls and classrooms
  • Dealing with the problems that may happen during the activities done as part of the course
  • Keeping an account of student attendance to activities and their grades
  • Working in coordination with the course instructor in the evaluation process of course effectiveness


GPC 100 First Year on Campus Seminar

GPC 100 is a first-year student seminar designed to assist new students make a successful transition to the academic and social life of METU-NCC and thereby foster a sense of belonging to the institution. GPC 100 is taken by all students during the first year of enrollment at METU-NCC. The course is delivered through a combination of group seminars/activities and small group discussion sessions. Junior and senior students taking GPC 310 Developing Skills for Peer Guidance ( have a key role as “peer guides” in facilitating the course. For further information on the duties and responsibilities of the peer guides concerning GPC 100, please see GPC 310 FAQ Q:2.

GPC 100 Course Outline and Activity Program (Click Here)

GPC 100 Peer Guides

GPC 100 Peer guides are the 3rd and 4th year students who take GPC 310 Developing Skills for Peer Guidance course. These students fulfill their practicum hours by taking part in assisting GPC 100 First Year on Campus Seminar. Please see GPC 310 FAQ Q:2 for detailed information regarding peer guides’ roles & responsibilities pertaining to GPC 100.