Seminar and Workshops

Seminar and Workshops

If I join the seminars and workshops, what benefits will I get?

You can improve your knowledge on several subjects (e.g., adjusting to university life and culture, communication and conflict handling styles, time management, and procrastination) by joining the seminars. By joining the workshops you have the chance to improve your skills by doing several practices related with the topic. 

Who can join the seminars and workshops?

The seminars and workshops are open to all our students. There is no limit to the number of participants in the seminars held by our center. Workshops, however, have a limited number of participants as they are carried out interactively in small groups. Therefore, you need to make a reservation in advance in order to participate in our workshops.

How can I be informed about the seminars and workshops?

You can follow content, place and time of seminars and workshops from intranet and your e-mails.

How long do seminars and workshops take?

Seminars continue approximately 1 hour and workshops proceed 2 hours.

How can I join the seminars and workshops?

In order to participate in the seminars, it is enough to be in the relevant hall in the Cultural & Convention Center at the time the session is held.

As participation to workshops is limited by number, it is enough to fill in and send the Workshop Participation Form as soon as the announcement concerning the relevant workshop is made on intranet or e-mails