SI-PASS Programme

What is Supplemental Instruction (SI) – Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) Programme?

An academic assistance programme in which regular group study sessions are facilitated by an SI- PASS leader. During the sessions, students in company with SI-leaders discuss the course topics and work on sample questions collaboratively to consolidate what they learn in class in a friendly environment. SI-PASS Leaders provide structure to the session by conducting collaborative learning activities and assist students on their problem solving struggles and questions.

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How does SI-PASS effect course grades?

Our SI-PASS Programme has started to pay off and continues with full speed. For MATH 119 course, the students who attended 5 or more study sessions had significantly higher course grades (Average = 73.88, Standard Deviation = 15.04) than non-participants (Average = 53.39, Standard Deviation = 20.99).

Quotes from participants about SI-PASS at METU NCC

"A time to work on the most difficult and hard-to-grasp content of the course at an understandable rate especially for content I couldn't understand alone."

"A group study with a peer guide of better knowledge and understanding"

"Studying with other students in a friendly environment"

"Meeting for solving questions with peers by discussing together & sharing results. Summary of what was taught in class."

SI-PASS Schedule

If you are interested for a friendly study environment, all you need to do is just to pick the SIPASS time that fits your schedule and participate. Click here to check the program schedule for SI-PASS MATH 119 & MATH 120 Fall 2019.

Our SI-PASS Leaders

Mahmoud Elhewahey, Computer Engineering – 2rd year
"Hey! I am a big fan of traveling and music. I am also always on the lookout for a good book recommendation. SI-PASS is a chance to learn in a fun way in a friendly environment and will certainly further your understanding of the material. My passion for being in this program is helping you see how fascinating math can be. I have always loved math and I am sure you can love it too!"
Yara Toamiah, Aerospace Engineering – 2nd year
"Hey there! I'm part of the SI-PASS team and together we'll discover and nourish our skills. Generally I love reading biographies and magazines about empowering women as well as watching documentaries related to my field, hoping to make the world a better place on the long run. But for now let's build stronger foundations for ourselves by helping one another to find solutions to our problems. Looking forward to meeting you all."

How do I become an SI-PASS Leader?

SI-PASS Leaders are required to pass the relevant course with a good grade. Each leader has to attend a 2-day training in the beginning of the fall term which is conducted by the SI-PASS supervisor. Facilitating 1,5 hours study sessions weekly, attending to regular group meetings with the supervisors, carrying out some clerical work during office hours, on-site observation and giving feedback to fellow SI-PASS leaders are some of the primary tasks of an SI-PASS leader during the semester.

If you believe you can fulfill these responsibilities and interested in to be an SI-PASS Leader, all you need to do is to fill in the application form.

The application time is shared with you via e-mail.