SI-PASS Programme

What is Supplemental Instruction (SI) – Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) Programme?

An academic assistance programme in which regular group study sessions are facilitated by an SI- PASS leader. During the sessions, students in company with SI-leaders discuss the course topics and work on sample questions collaboratively to consolidate what they learn in class in a friendly environment. SI-PASS Leaders provide structure to the session by conducting collaborative learning activities and assist students on their problem solving struggles and questions.

How does SI-PASS effect course grades?

Our SI-PASS Programme has started to pay off and continues with full speed. For MATH 119 course, the students who attended 5 or more study sessions had significantly higher course grades (Average = 73.88, Standard Deviation = 15.04) than non-participants (Average = 53.39, Standard Deviation = 20.99).

Quotes from participants about SI-PASS at METU NCC

"A time to work on the most difficult and hard-to-grasp content of the course at an understandable rate especially for content I couldn't understand alone."

"A group study with a peer guide of better knowledge and understanding"

"Studying with other students in a friendly environment"

"Meeting for solving questions with peers by discussing together & sharing results. Summary of what was taught in class."

SI-PASS Schedule

If you are interested for a friendly study environment, all you need to do is just to pick the SIPASS time that fits your schedule and participate. Click here to check the program schedule for SI-PASS MATH 119 & MATH 120 SPRING 2019.

Our SI-PASS Leaders

MATH 119 Leaders

Ahmed Attia, Mechanical Engineering – 3rd year
Hello, I took Calculus I and Calculus II during my first year and completed with AA for both. Group studies with my friends played a major role in my grades and I feel experienced to conduct SI-PASS sessions with new friends. Further to studying, sports, movies and novels occupy most of my free time. I am looking forward to meet new friends at SI-PASS while they aim for high grades as well as meeting me :)"
Melisa Çağılgan, Computer Engineering – 2nd year
"Hi guys! I play lots of video games and plan to work on artificial intelligence in the future. When I was taking MATH 119 there was no such programme and I didn't know how to work on the problems which was a hard period for me. This is why I love SI-PASS programme as it assists people who may be going through similar struggles. I hope everyone comes to SI-PASS and experience the benefits."
Mohamed Osama, Electrical and Electronics Engineering – 4th year
"Hi! Together with the fellow leaders we try to demonstrate different approaches to the concepts and ideas of the Calculus to the students. I feel so excited as an SI-PASS leader because our sessions are designed to be student-to-student different from the lectures and recitations. Come along to try out my sessions and see the results on your grades."
Mehmet Yavuz Atmaca, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering – 3rd year
"Hello, I am from Gaziantep, Turkey. I became an SI-PASS leader because when I was taking this course I had no idea how to study or how to have better understanding of the concepts, so SI-PASS is a great way to help students like me. When I am not busy with school work, I like playing a variety of sports and hanging out with my friends. Hope to see you at my sessions!"
Tuğberk Özden Ergonca, Electrical and Electronics Engineering – 2nd year
"Hi! I am a sports lover, going to the gym and playing basketball are my top favourite activities. I also play basketball at the METU NCC Males Basketball Team. I believe that SI-PASS will help you gain a better understanding and improve your techniques for studying for Calculus."
Yasemin Zirek, Electrical and Electronics Engineering – 3rd year
"Hello everyone, I am a METU NCC student from Aydın, Turkey. When I am free, I love spending time with my friends and participating at the student societies. After my first semester experiences and successful results, I strongly suggest students to attend SI-PASS. It will offer you a confidence about Calculus courses in a friendly environment. We will study together on troublesome topics and we will walk together through the road to success."
Amr Okasha, Mechanical Engineering - 4th year
"Hello! Calculus is my favourite subject as it is almost universally applicable in numerous fields. In fact, I use it on a daily basis in my courses. Being an SI-PASS Leader for MATH 119 allows me to communicate my love for the subject to you. As the programme initiated last semester, I have thoroughly enjoyed helping other students to grasp the fundamentals of this course. I hope to see you at the sessions!"


MATH 120 Leaders

Yücel Çakır, Economics – 4th year
"Hi, I am an SI-PASS leader for MATH 120 and this is our second semester running the program, I am very excited about the progress we will make. I am interested in acting and directing plays and I was an active member of the theatre club for a while. I come from Tekirdağ, a beautiful city next to Istanbul, and I love it here in Kalkanlı. I hope to see us all solidifying our understanding of calculus together."
Can Balık, Electrical and Electronics Engineering – 2nd year
"Hello mates, on my free times I work with some societies and like to dance. Here at METU we need to work and study a lot (made me a coffee lover) and SI-PASS helps us overcome these difficulties. We have had great achievements with our participants and why not with you? I hope you decide to join my sessions because we are stronger and better together with a coffee!!"
Hazel Demirel, Aero space Engineering – 3rd year
" "Hi Everyone! On my free time, I enjoy climbing and I am interested in theatre. I think SI-PASS is very valuable opportunity for students because it allows them a friendly and effective study environment. I suggest every Calculus student to come and join the sessions instead of studying alone for one and a half hours. I am so excited for my sessions, to help and address your needs. Come and let's share our knowledge with each other."
Ezgi Handan Savaş, Aerospace Engineering - 3rd year
"Hi! Throughout my educational career I always had a special interest on Math courses including Calculus. I thought SI-PASS could be the best way to use my interest and help others with my knowledge. SI-PASS is a multi-beneficial program, while you improve your understanding and boost up your grades, we leaders get to improve our skills like communication and expression. The best part is we all get to know new people! I also like singing and hang out with my friends. Hopefully I will meet some of you at my sessions. :)"
Melisa Başak, Aerospace Engineering - 3rd year
"Hi, in my free time, I'd like to play tennis and read books. After witnessing the benefits and the opportunities of being an SI-PASS Leader, I am sure that I can improve your mathematical thinking deeply. In my sessions, we will try to solve important questions step by step, and I will underline the key concepts of the topics until they get clear. Also, we will try to discover new learning strategies which helps to understand easily. I hope to see you all!"

Lembuss B. Kirwa, Aerospace Engineering – 4th year

"Hello there, I am a METU NCC student coming from Kenya. Generally, I love helping out where I can and in addition to this, I love math! In the world outside the classroom, I enjoy spending time with my friends and I'm into a little poetry. Also, I love planes; so I do a lot of reading on them. This semester I'll be holding sessions for MAT 120 and I really enjoyed taking the course so I am really looking forward to revisiting the content in the SI PASS environment. Hopefully, it's gonna be a great semester!"


How do I become an SI-PASS Leader?

SI-PASS Leaders are required to pass the relevant course with a good grade. Each leader has to attend a 2-day training in the beginning of the fall term which is conducted by the SI-PASS supervisor. Facilitating 1,5 hours study sessions weekly, attending to regular group meetings with the supervisors, carrying out some clerical work during office hours, on-site observation and giving feedback to fellow SI-PASS leaders are some of the primary tasks of an SI-PASS leader during the semester.

If you believe you can fulfil these responsibilities and interested in to be an SI-PASS Leader, all you need to do is to fill in the application form.

“The application for the 2019/20 Academic Year will be open until 24th April 23:55, click here to apply”