Individual Counseling


What is individual counseling?

It is a process between a counselor and an individual which helps the individual to gain an understanding about oneself and one's behaviors and fosters the development of skills to be used in dealing with difficulties associated with personal, academic and social life. The process works on the basis of trust and confidentiality principle.

What is the benefit of taking individual counseling help?

There can be periods in everyone's life that one needs an objective perspective and be listened in order to find different ways to cope with issues pertaining to individual, social and academic life. In these periods, you can talk about these issues in a trusting atmosphere with us who are trained professionals in the field of counseling

How can I take individual counseling help?

In order to receive individual counseling, you can apply to us by accurately filling in and sending us the  Individual Counseling Intake Form. We will inform you same day or in maximum one week about the date and time of the meeting via e-mail.

Our sessions are online via Zoom because of pandemia. Zoom details is shared with pre-session/ session information.

How long does individual counseling process take?

Counseling process length changes based on the issue brought. Usually 5-8 sessions are conducted. Each session takes approximately 50 minutes.