Undergraduate Programs


  • The 2020-2021 Academic Year Summer School will be held online.
  • Summer school registrations and advisor approvals will be held interactive between August 3rd and August 5th, 2021 (until 17:00) for METU Ankara and METU NCC courses. Advisor approvals will be given remotely by academic advisors. You do not need to be on campus for advisor approval.
  • Summer school classes will start on August 6, 2021 for Undergraduate Program students. Final exams will end on September 20, 2021.

Courses to be Offered
The courses planned to be opened in the summer school at METU NCC and METU Ankara Campus can be accessed from the program number 64 of OİBS. Details about the courses to be offered at the Northern Cyprus Campus will be available as of July 26.
Programs and departments can make changes about the courses until the registration date. Therefore,
you should check the courses before the registration period. Course schedules will be available at CET.

Summer School Rules

  • Registration for METU NCC and METU Ankara courses will be held on the same dates.
  • Interactive course registrations will open on August 3, 2021, at 13.00, both inside and outside the campus. Our students will not be required to be on campuses for registration and advisor approval. Advisor approvals will be given remotely by academic advisors. Interactive course registrations and advisor approvals will end on August 5, 2021, at 17:00.
  • METU NCC students have to take the courses to be offered at METU Northern Cyprus Campus at METU NCC. Courses opened at METU NCC cannot be taken at METU Ankara Campus.
  • The two courses to be taken must be from the same Campus. A course cannot be taken from the Northern Cyprus Campus and a course from Ankara.
  • You can take at most two courses. There is no limit on the number of credits.
  • Dropping courses or withdrawal from courses is not possible in summer school.
  • Academic advisors and/or program coordinators should approve the courses to be taken at NCC or Ankara Campus. Please keep in touch with your Academic Advisor and/or Program Coordinator. Courses not approved by the academic advisors will be dropped by the Registrar's Office after the interactive registration period.
  • Please note that the criteria, capacity and other conditions regarding the courses offered in both Ankara and Northern Cyprus Campuses are determined by the related programs and departments, and it is not possible for METU NCC Registrar's Office to intervene in this matter.
  • Students with probation status by the end of the spring semester can take only the courses they have taken before.
  • Due to the three-semester rule, courses taken before, with a DD or higher grade, the 2019-2020 Academic Year Spring Semester cannot be taken during the 2020 - 2021 Summer School. This rule does not apply to probation students.
  • Preparatory school students who have passed the EPE before the registration period can take courses. They have to inform the Registrar's Office and apply for it.
  • In order to change the categories of the courses taken in a category that should not be taken for any reason during the interactive course registration, students must apply for a category change in the interactive course registration dates. Northern Cyprus Campus students are required to fill out the Student Application Form on the Intranet to change the category.


Note for Engineering Students: You cannot take the courses below in Non-Technical Elective category.
History of Jazz (MUS 231, MUS 232, MUS 331, MUS 332), History of Music (MUS 241, MUS 242), Foundations of Distance Education (CEIT 321).

  • You can find detailed information about summer school from the directive below;