METU Directive for Ankara and Northern Cyprus Campuses Student Exchange

Rules and Regulations

METU Directive for Ankara and Northern Cyprus Campuses Student Exchange
This directive regulates the rules concerning the education of METU students enrolled in the Ankara and Northern Cyprus Campuses (NCC) as one- or two-semester exchange students at the other campus.
Article 1 - In the student exchange program, the number of exchange students fr om both campuses is limited to the number of the NCC undergraduate programs for undergraduate students, and twice the number of NCC graduate programs for graduate students.
Article 2 - Only students who have successfully completed their first year of study in undergraduate programs and those who have completed their first semester courses in graduate programs are eligible for student exchange programs. A student can make use of this exchange program for two semesters at most during his period of study.  
Article 3 - The provisions of being in their maximum periods of study, having both Cumulative and Grade Point Averages of over 2.50 for undergraduate and over 3.00 for graduate students at the beginning of the semester for which they are applying, and not having earned the letter grades FD, FF, I or NA in any of the courses they were enrolled in are sought for students to be able to make use of the exchange program.
Article 4 - The applying student must not have been subject to temporary dismissal or a higher disciplinary penalty whatsoever.
Article 5 - The applying students must have no debts or any financial liabilities whatsoever to the campus they are enrolled in.    
Article 6 - Students with on-leave status are not eligible for the student exchange program.
Article 7 - The applications are evaluated by the concerned academic unit in the campus where the student is enrolled. The courses which the admitted student will take each semester are determined by the concerned academic unit in the campus where he/she is enrolled, upon the approval of the concerned academic unit in the campus where he/she has applied. The student’s registration for the new semester is carried out by the related units of the campus where the student has applied.
Article 8 - Students who are admitted to the program must pay the tuition fee for the campus they are enrolled in and register as an “Exchange Student” at the campus they applied to. All other expenses including those for transport, dormitory, books-stationery, passport, residence permits and daily expenses are to be covered by students. Students going to NCC campus from Ankara must pay the health insurance premium determined by the TRNC Ministry of Health, and students going to the main campus in Ankara from NCC must meet the conditions required in order to receive health services. Depending on their preference, exchange students are provided with accommodation in the dormitories of the concerned campus if vacancies permit. The Dormitory Scholarship applicable for NCC students is also offered to the students from the Ankara Campus under the same conditions.
Article 9 - The letter grades earned by exchange students in the courses they have taken in the other campus are entered as letter grades for the equivalent courses of the campus wh ere they are enrolled.   
Article 10 - In principle, it is intended that the number of exchange students admitted from the Ankara Campus and NCC each year be balanced in number. Nevertheless, even if there is an imbalance in student numbers for three-year periods, the program is carried out provided that the other conditions are met. At the end of each three-year period, a report concerning the implementation of the program is submitted to the University Senate and, if required, new rules are determined for the following three-year periods.   
Article 11 - This directive comes into effect on July 3, 2012, the date of its approval by the University Senate. 
Article 12 - This directive is implemented by the units responsible for Student Affairs on each campus.