Why meet at METU NCC?

Why meet at METU NCC?

METU NCC as Conference Destination

  • METU NCC is located in Northern Cyprus, which has a dense population of students with 6 university campuses hosting 45,000 students (~15% of the total population).
  • Many international conferences have been successfully held in Northern Cyprus across 6 different university campuses.
  • METU NCC Culture and Convention Center (conference site) is a trademark glass, marble and steel building that houses 4 state-of-the-art amphitheaters (2 large halls with 600 and 250 seats, and 2 medium sized halls with 120 seats each), 8 seminar rooms (with 60 seats each) and a picturesque lobby. It occupies a total of 5200 square meters of meeting space.
  • Started operating in 2005 in Northern Cyprus with an international mission and profile. It serves to Mediterranean, Middle East, Europe and Eurasian region.
  • Built on an area of 339 hectares (137 acres), approximately 50 km west of capital Lefkosa (Nicosia) and 6 km north of Guzelyurt (Morphou), a charming town with a population of 12,000.
  • Has a high-tech campus infrastructure. In addition to academic blocks dedicated to education and research, there is a modern sports complex, a half-olympic swimming pool, a mini-golf field, a climbing wall, etc. among other on-campus attractions. Virtual tours are available at:


  •  A convenient, modern, beautiful campus



METU NCC Environment

  • METU NCC is located at one of the greenest areas of the island.
  • The neighboring vast Kalkanli valley is an EU protected area with natural beauties, endemic birds and orchids.
  • The area is also famous for its monumental olive trees that are hundreds of years old. All in walking distance.


North Cyprus as a Destination to Visit

  •  An attractive spot

 Picturesque nature, beautiful beaches/ nature, and monuments standing in testimony of many different civilizations and cultures that have inhabited the island throughout the history.

  •  Language

 Official Turkish, but English widely spoken.

  •  Safety

 Crime rate one of the lowest around the World.

  •  Climate

 Pleasant with average of 300 days of sunshine.

 The mean temperature at proposed conference time expected at 12-16 �C.

  •  Living Expenses

 Comparably lower than Europe (daily cost of a pleasant breakfast+lunch+dinner combo at a good venue can be purchased for ~$50).


  •  Flights to Northern Cyprus are conducted via Turkey (1 hr flight). A transit visa may be required to Turkey, depending on the country of origin, which can be checked with the nearest Turkish Embassy. Visitors can do their flight booking as transit passengers from Istanbul or Ankara, Turkey. No entry visa to Turkey will be required for transit passengers. A free entry visa to North Cyprus can be obtained upon arrival from the officer at the port of entry. Conference attendees, who are on the registration list, are reported to the customs in advance, and have no problems with entering North Cyprus.
  •  The final destination of arrival should be Ercan Airport located 10 km away from the capital of Cyprus-Lefkosa (Nicosia)
  •  The flights between Turkey and North Cyprus are conducted by Turkish Airlines, Atlas Jet , and Pegasus
  •  E-Tickets to Ercan Airport (Airport Code: ECN) can also be purchased conveniently from well known
    web-based agencies (such as ExpediaOpodoLastminute, etc).

Accommodations at Conference Site

  •  There are daily shuttles to METU NCC from Ercan Airport through KIBHAS LTD transportation. The trip is one hour and costs ~8 US dollars.
  •  METU NCC has 34 en-suite rooms in the Guest House along with dormitory rooms for students with budget prices. All campus accommodations are new and modern.
  •  Hotels can be arranged around campus with shuttle bus service at reasonable prices.
  •  For those guests who may prefer to stay off-Campus in a luxurious hotel (Kyrenia is 45 minutes drive from METU-NCC and is the most touristic town in Cyprus) there are many 5-star alternatives Merit Crystal Cove HotelMercure Cyprus HotelJasmine Court Hotel, are only a few). These hotels may also be arranged by our University and shuttle services can be provided to our Campus.