Research Fund for Graduate Assistant


This directive sets out the procedures and principles regarding the scholarships and support to be granted to students enrolled in graduate programs of METU. The aim of this scheme is to enhance the educational and research capacity of the Campus by supporting the academic development of graduate students and by encouraging their active participation in the educational and research activities of the Campus.

Campus: METU Northern Cyprus Campus
Graduate Assistant Scholarship: Scholarship, research allowance and accommodation support granted within the scope of this Directive.
Scholarship Student/Graduate Assistant: A student who is enrolled in a METU graduate program and admitted to the Graduate Assistant Scholarship Program.

1. Considering the needs of the undergraduate and graduate programs and availability of resources, the Campus President will determine how many students, and in which program fields, will receive Graduate Assistant scholarships for each academic year.
2. Applicants for aGraduate Assistant Scholarshipmust meet the following minimum admission criteria:
a) To be enrolled or admitted in a graduate program of METU NCC,  or
b) To be enrolled in a graduate program of other METU campuses, and to have completed the course requirements of the program or to be in a position to complete the course requirements by taking courses offered on the Campus, and to have obtained permission of her/his thesis supervisor.
Further specifications are determined by the Campus President and announced on the web-site of the Campus.
3. Applicants who meet the criteria for a Graduate Assistant Scholarship are scrutinized by the Campus Graduate Programs Committee, including consideration of the evaluation of the relevant Program Coordinator/s.
4. Candidates receive the Graduate Assistant Scholarship upon the recommendation of the scrutiny committee and the endorsement of the Campus President. The scope and the duration of the support to be granted to each scholarship recipient within the limits specified in Term 4 are determined by the Campus President.

4- REMIT AND DURATION OF THE SUPPORT  (Amendment: CEB 23.12.2016-5/7)
The scope of Graduate Assistant Scholarship is limited to the following types of support:
a)  Monthly allowance of 2875 TL for Master candidates and 3600 TL for Ph.D. candidates.
b)  Free accommodation, subject to the payment of the occupational charges, in a Campus dormitory assigned by the Campus President.
c)  Research allowance of 600 TL in each regular semester (excluding the summer term). This allowance is granted to support research and education activities of the GA that can be used with the approval of the relevant program coordinator in a way he/she prefers, and the amount unused can be transferred to the next semester.
Monthly and research allowances are revised, by taking into account the net salaries of Research Assistants of Ankara campus, with the recommendation of Campus President and approval of the Campus Executive Board.
Subject to an annual evaluation, the Graduate Assistant Scholarship is granted for the duration of graduate study.
In one calendar year, the GAs are entitled to 15 working days of paid vacation leave or permitted leave of absence, and 20 working days of paid research leave, subject to the approval of his/her thesis advisor and relevant program coordinator. Paid leave entitlement for service of less than 12 months is calculated on a pro rata basis. Unpaid leave of absence beyond these limits may be granted upon the approval of thesis supervisor and relevant program coordinator, for educational, research or personal reasons.

The GAs are responsible for fulfilling the tasks assigned by their program coordinators or lecturers. These tasks may involve carrying out laboratory experiments, field work and recitation hours; leading seminar discussions and assisting in class exercises and group work; marking projects, quizzes and assignments and proctoring exams. To this end, a GA is expected to provide service for an average of 20 hours weekly.


  1. The scholarship recipient should be a registered student of a METU graduate program to ensure the continuation of his/her scholarship. When the graduate student status comes to an end, the support scheme may be continued until the end of the current semester, upon the recommendation of the relevant program coordinator or academic staff. If a scholarship is terminated, no scholarship re-payment will be charged against a GA.
  2. The relevant program coordinator or academic staff reports the tasks undertaken by the GA and his/her performance in fulfilling these tasks to the Campus Board of Graduate Programs. The Campus Board of Graduate Programs reports its recommendations to the Campus President. A graduate assistant scholarship may be terminated on the basis of these recommendations or the evaluation of the Office of the Campus President.

3. If a GA scholar fails to complete the graduate program registration without the permission of the relevant Board, or if the relevant program coordinator or the academic staff reports negligence or incapacity of the GA scholar in relation to the fulfillment of the assigned tasks, the scholarship will be terminated with the recommendation of the Campus Board of the Graduate Programs and the approval of the Campus President.
4. If a GA scholar receives a penalty more severe than that of “warning”, as defined by the Higher Education Council’s Disciplinary Regulations for Students of Higher Education Institutions, his/her Graduate Assistant Scholarship will be terminated with effect from the date of the issue of the penalty. Accommodation support of a GA scholar is also terminated if s/he receives a penalty more severe than “reprimand”, as defined by the METU NCC Directory of Regulations for Dormitories.

This Directive comprising 7 terms is approved at the METU Senate meeting held on 25th of October 2011, and is to be implemented by the Office of the Campus President starting from the 2011-2012 academic year.

In case of discrepancy, the Turkish version of this Directive is binding.
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