Industry Collaborations

Industry Collaborations


A research project has been awarded to METU NCC by ASELSAN to start a collaborative research on “Broadband Radio Frequency Power Amplifier Linearization and Design”. Amplifier linearization and power efficiency enhancement techniques will be proposed and designed to enhance the power efficiency and reduce the distortion levels of wireless communication systems and RADARs. The research, coordinated by Asst. Prof. Dr. Tayfun Nesimoglu, has been granted more than 185,000 TL.


A Research Project Document has been signed between METU NCC and Intel Corporation (USA) to start collaborative research on “Methodology Development and Interface Design Based on Empirical Evaluation of Low Voltage Low Power MEMS Modules for Mobile Electronic System Integration” within the scope of METU NCC’s Middle East Energy Efficiency Research (MER) Center Membership. The research, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Ali Muhtaroğlu, and contributed by METU MEMS Research Group from Ankara, has been granted $75,000 by Intel for the first year.



Concentrating Solar Power Plant Project

METU NCC and SOLITEM (Germany) have started a joint project on concentrating solar energy systems. In the first stage of the project, heat energy gathered from parabolic collectors will be converted to electrical energy through organic rankine cycle tribune. In the second stage, the built system will be further developed to be employed for direct cooling with absorption systems via a thermodynamic transformation without transforming heat energy to electrical energy. Optimization studies will be conducted for the use of solar energy for electricity production, cooling, and water heating. SOLITEM will provide the necessary equipment and expertise whereas METU NCC will be responsible for the installation and management of the system as well as carrying out the experimental studies. Asst. Prof. Dr. Erdal Onurhan, Asst. Prof. Dr. Eray Uzgören, Mechanical Engineer Tolga Torun, and Civil Engineer Levent Küpeli are currently involved with the project. However, once the system is set up, additional faculty members from both Ankara and Northern Cyprus Campuses will take parts in the project. 750,000 Euro is committed by SOLITEM and 80,000 Euro is committed by METU NCC.

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