Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines


Campus Research Fund aims at providing limited financial support for research projects. This funding is basically for pump priming the research capacity so as to attract external research funds in the future and is open to all faculty of METU NCC at all ranks.

The time schedule for applications and for processing is as follows:

Fall semester (operational each year)

Deadline for the submission of applications: the first Monday of December

Earliest starting date of the projects: end of January

Spring Semester (operational if sufficient funds are available)

Deadline for the submission of applications: the third Monday of April

Earliest starting date of the projects: end of May

Authors are expected to describe their projects on the application form as one of the followings:

SRP-Graduate Student: Projects submitted to cover the expenses of graduate students enrolled in one of the graduate programs at METU NCC (these are low budget projects to cover the material expenses, and one conference participation by the student in Turkey; personnel expenses are excluded).

SRP-New Faculty: The first project submitted by a new faculty in the first two years of his/her presence at METU NCC (these have modest budget and are supported to supply the seed money for research).

SRP-Other: Other projects (those which have the potential in fostering current research strength of the Campus, those involving collaboration with Ankara Campus, those bringing Campus faculty in related fields, and those employing students are preferable).

SRP-Inter-campus: The projects created by METU Northern Cyprus Campus academic staff members in collaboration with academics who are affiliated to the other campuses of METU. The collaborative work is conducted through two different scientific research projects (SRP) which are supported by each campus involved in accordance with their current legislation. The team of researchers includes the manager of the SRP which is conducted on the other campus involved. The collaborative nature of the two projects should be mentioned when defining them. The two projects are carried out in coordination.

Applicants should complete the Project Proposal Form available at:


Further information about funded projects can be found at Completed and Continuing Projects section.