– The TOEFL® test is the most widely respected English-language test in the world, recognized by more than 9,000 colleges, universities and agencies in more than 130 countries, including Australia, Canada, the U.K. and the United States. Wherever you want to study, the TOEFL test can help you get there.

Middle East Technical University-Northern Cyprus Campus is a  certified TOEFL-iBT center and the tests are administered at the School of Foreign Languages. Please click here for the campus map.

In order to take the TOEFL-iBT test at METU-NCC, you need to register online. The procedure regarding registration and details about the exam can be found at http://www.ets.org/toefl.

– Here are some web links regarding frequent and widely asked information:

– TOEFL Main: http://www.ets.org/toefl

– How to register for TOEFL-iBT: http://www.ets.org/toefl/ibt/register/

– ID Requirements: https://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/register/id

– TOEFL-iBT Scores: http://www.ets.org/toefl/ibt/scores/

– TOEFL-iBT Testing locations, dates and fees: Testing locations***

*** When you go to testing locations please follow the steps below to reach METU-NCC.

Select country/location: Cyprus --> Guzelyurt

– Frequently asked questions: http://www.ets.org/toefl/ibt/faq/

Address:  Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus, School of Foreign Languages Kalkanlı, Güzelyurt, TRNC

e-mail: ncctoeflatmetu.edu.tr


The government in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has issued a decree requiring all test candidates to have negative PCR test results within the last 72 hours of any face-to-face exam. Antigen tests from within the last 48 hours are also accepted.