PTE Academic is an English language proficiency test that assesses the four key skills, schedules the highest number of tests per year in its field and provides test-takers with the quickest access to their score reports. In Turkey, PTE Academic is accepted by ÖSYM as equivalent to YDS. PTE Academic test-takers may wish to submit their scores to universities when applying for a master's or doctoral degree program or exemption from preparatory year courses. Test-takers may also need a PTE Academic test score to apply for overseas educational opportunities and a UK or Australian visa or immigration status.

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Basic Advantages of Taking PTE Academic:

*   PTE test duration has been reduced to approximately 2-hours. This means a faster and a less stressful exam experience.

*   Candidates can schedule their test 24 hours in advance.

*   85% of test-takers obtain their test scores within 30 hours of the completion of the test.

*   To ensure the objectivity of evaluation, all items in PTE Academic are machine scored using an automated scoring system.

*   PTE Academic allows candidates to enjoy the opportunity to share their scores with as many universities as they wish for free.

*   The local Candidate Support unit allows you to ask questions to relevant officials at every phase of the test-taking process via: iletisimatpearson.com.tr & nccpteatmetu.edu.tr

Countries Accepting PTE:

  *   UK: PTE Academic scores are accepted for all educational applications, including pre-sessional, foundational, degree and above degree programs, and for all visa applications without any exceptions.
(PTE Academic UKVI)
*   USA: Over 2,000 universities, including Harvard, Yale and Stanford University, accept PTE Academic scores.

  *   Canada: PTE Academic scores are accepted by the 91% of the Canadian universities, including leading institutions such as British Columbia, Concordia and McGill.

  *   Australia: All universities in Australia accept PTE Academic scores. PTE Academic is also approved for all visa and immigration categories. 

  *   Germany: PTE Academic scores are accepted by the 70% of the universities.

  *   Ireland: PTE Academic scores are accepted by all universities without any exceptions and also by 98% of the high schools.



  *   Click the link below to register for the Free Online Course that will provide you with tips on the PTE Academic, exercises and video solutions to the questions <https://mylearningx.pearson.com/courses/course-v1:PX+PTE001+2019_T4/about>.

  *   Click the link below to view free YouTube videos focusing on PTE Academic preparation and question types and offering detailed test-taking strategies and tips <https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFTvxiET9VCmycYiusEHEtStgouyzuU_d>
Click the link below to view a summarized version of the test-taking tips <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvSdD8_0DAKn-ThHWhAhoAg>

  *   Click the link below to download the free practice test designed for offline use <https://tr.pearson.com/tr/pte-academic/sinava-hazirlik/hazirlik-kaynaklari.html>

  *   You will need to log in to https://pearsonpte.com/ and create a user account to purchase the online practice test, which assesses at exactly the same level in the same format, and retains the same language and skills coverage as the real test and which is graded through the same artificial intelligence (AI) system within three hours after the completion of the test.

  *   To buy test preparation books, click the links below: <https://www.berberoglukirtasiye.com/product-category/fakulte-kitaplari/genel-ingilizce/sinavlara-hazirlik/>



Contact details for the test center in the TRNC:

METU Campus Pearson VUE Test Centre
METU Northern Cyprus Campus
Kalkanlı, Güzelyurt/Morphou
Phone: +90 392 661 1999
Email: nccpteatmetu.edu.tr