Message to Our Students

Message to Our Students

Dear Students,

In line with the principles that METU has been committed to for a long time, we provide you with the available opportunities, in the most efficient way possible, to help you prepare for the start of your undergraduate experiences feeling confident that you have reached the level of English required by your departments.

Within this context, in addition to providing most supplementary materials to our students, we basically use the ODTÜClass webpage, which allows us to deliver course materials to our students in an easily accessible way. We recommend that you make maximum use of all these learning tools and resources, which required a good deal of devotion and coordinated efforts to be created as well as significant time investments. Please select the resources that you really need among all others, manage your time setting attainable goals and finding a suitable method that works perfectly with your biorhythm, and try it out. Please feel free to contact your instructors when you need further assistance. You can also get support from the Self-Access Center on the ground floor of our building or from your instructors. Above all, pay close attention to your health.

Warm regards,

School of Foreign Languages