General Information About METU English Proficiency Exams

General Information About METU English Proficiency Exams

Who Is Entitled to Take the Exam?

1. Newly admitted undergraduate METU NCC students.
2. Students currently studying at the School of Foreign Languages who have earned the right to take this exam.
3. Students who have failed at the School of Foreign Languages but are entitled to take this exam.

NB: Please see “Date and Place” for detailed information about each exam.


Students who are currently studying at the English Preparatory Program have to register for the EPE given at the beginning of September, and the EPE known as October EPE, which is also given in September. Such students do not have to register for the other proficiency exams. Students who have failed due to academic failure or absenteeism but are entitled to take a proficiency exam, and METU or non-METU students who want to take the EPE to apply for graduate programs have to register for each exam they wish to take.

To apply for the EPE go to . The application process for the exams mentioned above begins two weeks before the exams.

Date and Place

The next examination will be held on:

1- April 08, 2020 in two sessions, morning and afternoon.

Place: METU NCC and METU Ankara

Who is entitled to take this exam? 

* 3rd and 4th year METU NCC students and students who make an application to graduate programs


2- June 2, 2020 in two sessions, morning and afternoon.

Place: METU NCC and METU Ankara

Who is entitled to take this exam?

* English Preparatory Program students who have right to take the exam with regard to related regulation


Contents, Duration, Grading

Please go to the following link for details:


1. Test takers are required to have with them an official ID issued by METU (or a comparable document) , a soft pencil, a ball point pen and an eraser.
2. Test takers are not permitted to have with them or use during breaks

bags of any kind (handbags, backpacks, carrier bags, etc.) in the exam halls

electronic devices during test sessions or breaks. Electronic devices include but are not limited to beepers, pagers, radios, telephones or cellular (mobile) phones, translators, stopwatches, watch alarms (including those with flashing lights or alarm sounds), personal data assistants (PDAs), and any other electronic or photographic devices of any kind

testing aids. Testing aids include but are not limited to books, pamphlets, notes, dictionaries, thesauri or potential aids of any kind.
In the event of a reported violation of any of the rules above, the test taker's test score will be cancelled.

3. For each session, test takers have to be in the exam hall 30 minutes before the exam starts.

4. As both morning and afternoon sessions start with the Listening components first, nobody will be admitted to the exam after the sessions start. Latecomers will be admitted to their exam halls when the listening sections are completed and doors are opened.

5. Test takers must fully comply with the proctors' directions during the exam.

6. Disciplinary/legal action will be taken against those who attempt to impersonate the rightful test takers or who attempt to cheat, and the exam results of such candidates will be considered invalid.


The exam results will be announced at web page.

    • There is no make-up for METU NCC-EPE.

Passing Grade and Equivalence with Other Examinations

The passing grade for undergraduate students (TEFL and SUNY students see equivalence table below) is 60.The grades are rounded off to the nearest whole number. This rule does not apply to exemptions from English Courses.

Other English Proficiency Examinations Honoured by the METU Senate
Results from other examinations are accepted in accordance with the equivalence table below:

95-100 119-120 9.0 87-90
90 110 8.5 83-86 SUNY program (Business Administration): Exemption from ENG 101
85 106 8.0 79-82 Undergraduate programs: Exemption from ENG 101
80 102 7.5 72-78  
75 92 7.0 67-71
70 86 7.0 65 Teaching English as a Foreign Language Program: Minimum
score required for exemption from the English Preparatory Program
(as of 2014 – 2015 admissions)
65 79 6.5 62 SUNY programs: Exemption from the English Preparatory Program
Admission to graduate programs (GENERAL) 3
60 75 6.0 55 Undergraduate programs: Exemption from the English Preparatory Program

METU EPE: METU English Proficiency Exam

TOEFL IBT: Test of English as a Foreign Language, Internet-based 

PTE Academic : Pearson Test of English, Academic Version

IELTS : International English Language Testing System – Academic Version (Average of four components) /

1       The results of these exams are valid for two years.

2       TOEFL PBT and TWE are no longer administered. The submitted valid scores are to be evaluated by The School of Foreign Languages.

3      The minimum English proficiency requirements may be raised by the concerned Graduate Program for graduate student admissions. Please check the announcements maid by the graduate program.

** For exemption from ENGL 101, the grades are not rounded off to the nearest whole number.

  NOTE: The corresponding grade from one of the equivalent examinations is also valid for exemptions with a grade of AA.