DNS Study of Engine-like Systems and Effect of Compressibility in Different Turbulent Regimes

Position: Research Assistant

Project Title:  Flight Trajectory Optimization and Control for an Airborne Wind Energy System

Project Coordinator: Asst. Prof. Dr. Anna Prach

Project Duration: 16 months (with a possibility of extension)

Project Description: Airborne wind energy (AWE) refers to power generation by airborne platforms such as kites, wing gliders, parafoils, and aircraft. The airborne platforms of AWE systems either fly in the air, or are connected by a tether to the ground.  A primary objective of this project is to analyse and investigate the flight trajectories and control methods to optimize the power output of an AWE system. The project goals include development of a simulation model of an AWE system, and analysis of its behaviour in varying wind conditions; design of an automatic control system using a selected control method; development of a trajectory generating algorithm that would produce an optimized trajectory for the AWE system; finally, investigate the AWE system performance in terms of useful power output. In particular, the project will focus on a
ground- based power generating AWE system with a flexible wing (kite), in which power is generated using the tension of the tether.

Specific tasks:
1. Literature review on AWE systems, modeling and control aspects, flight trajectory optimization 2. Derivation of a mathematical model for selected AWE design 3. Development of a simulation model in MATLAB/Simulink 4. Flight control system design 5. Flight path optimization

Minimum qualifications:  Bachelor's degree in Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering. Strong background in dynamics, background in control systems.
Experience working with MATLAB. Good writing and verbal communication skills

Preferred qualifications:  Background in flight mechanics. Experience working MATLAB/Simulink is preferred.

If you are interested in this position, please contact Dr. Anna Prach.
Office T-131, Email: aprachatmetu.edu.tr