Dorm Notice

Dear Students,

We would like to remind you some issues regarding the dorms:

1. The dorms on the campus will open on 1 October 2021 and the dorm applications will continue until 12 September 2021. Please use the  following link to apply:
2. The placement results will be announced on 14 September 2021, and  you can find the amounts to be paid on the OPAY system. The link will be provided with the results.
3. The students who will attend the Prep Class will not be accommodated in the campus dorms as their education will be online.  Therefore, these students do not need to apply for the dorms. A  further notice will be sent in case the education is face-to-face in  the Spring Semester. These students will not suffer any losses in  their dorm scholarships or dorm guarantees.
4. We have spared enough places in the dorms for the students whose  situations depend on their success on the EPE (English Proficiency  Exam) on 21 September 2021. The students who pass this exam should  inform us about their situation by sending an
email to:
5. Students have to complete their vaccinations in order to be  registered in the dorms. In other words, unvaccinated students cannot  stay in the dorms. During the registration process, vaccination  certificates must be presented. Similarly, wearing masks is mandatory  in the dorms.
6. In case of a positive Covid 19 case in the dorms, the patient and  the people around him/her will be isolated in some designated rooms in  the dorms.
7. No visitors are allowed into the dorms.

Best regards,

Executive Board of Dorms