Dear Parents,

Welcome to join the METU family. Your precious children have stepped into a special community after a long, laborious period by taking the opportunity to study at METU Northern Cyprus Campus. Congratulations!

We would like to inform you about the vibrant and peaceful university experience that METU Cyprus offers. At METU Northern Cyprus Campus, one of the most prestigious universities of Turkey, we are making every effort to ensure that our students enjoy a high-quality and distinctive education that is full of opportunities for achievement. We do everything in our power to ensure a warm, supportive, and safe environment, where you can entrust your children—your most precious assets—to us without having to worry about them at all.


We take all necessary measures to guarantee the safety and security of the children entrusted into our care. All entrances to the Campus are monitored constantly 24/7 by security staff. To ensure that dormitories provide safe spaces for all residents to live comfortably and peacefully, the entrance and exit hours of students residing in the dormitories are also monitored on a regular basis. Within the scope of this practice, dorm residents are not permitted to leave their dorms after 01:00 on weekdays and 02:00 on weekends.


The Health Center is staffed by doctors and nurses who provide daily health care, as well as emergency health care, for students and staff as needed. In an emergency, the following steps are taken: The individual who needs emergency care is taken into the examination room, where the required medical checks are carried out. A clinical diagnosis guides the course of treatment. The patient is referred to the closest hospital if the necessary treatment cannot be offered at the Health Center.


At the METU Northern Cyprus Campus, we attach great importance to ensuring that our students receive a fullfilling educational experience that is sensitive to the needs of students. With the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center on our campus, we provide a setting where our students may always seek assistance and talk about their concerns. They can consult our psychological counselor at the Center to seek guidance and support.


METU Northern Cyprus Campus is focused on creating opportunities to deepen and enrich social life for the University’s students. The Campus is also committed to improving the quality of the social aspects of life in its surrounding communities. Based on the idea that students’ social skills and cultural awareness and strengths, along with their academic achievements, will be valuable to their future careers, the formation and development of student clubs and societies is promoted. The student communities that operate in the domains of science, society, and culture are open to all students, giving them the opportunity to interact, collaborate on projects, and engage in social acitivities while also developing personally.