Dear Parents,

Welcome to join the METU family.

Your precious children, our valuable students, stepped into a special community after a long, labourious period by taking the opportunity to study at METU Northern Cyprus Campus.


We would like to inform you about the vibrant and peaceful campus life that your children will experience at METU. We created a communication platform that will enable you to keep track of your child's university life, which is one of the most important turning points in life. This portal is designed to include the information related to academic, social and campus life. It delivers the information you need, just when you need it.


You can be assured that we take every measure to keep our students in a safe environment. Entrance is only allowed to students and staff on campus. Students have a curfew to be in their dormitories by 01:00 in weekdays and by 02:00 on weekends. Dormitories are segregated. METU NCC also has a psychological guidance and counselling center where students can get an appointment and talk about anything that is troubling them. Our counsellors provide the best support they can. In case of an emergency, our health center is in a central location on campus and a Doctor and Nurse are ready to assist. After an initial examination, the students are sent to the nearest hospital for further treatment if necessary. The nearest hospital is 20 minutes away. Additionally, all staff in the sports facilities are trained for first aid in case of an accident. Despite all our efforts to keep the campus as safe as possible, the university cannot be held responsible for any hazardous or criminal events that occur off campus. However, METU NCC shall do the best it can to support the student and guide the parents through any process if necessary.


You can contact us as follows:

  • E-mail: nccatmetu.edu.tr
  • Telephone: +90 392 661 2102

If you need to contact the University ​in an emergency ​o​utside office hours, please call Campus Control +90 392 661 1958.