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General Information

General Information

Partial funding is granted by the Campus Fund to pump prime scientific research activities with the potential to develop the research capacity of the Campus and to encourage researchers to explore issues within their specific area of expertise. Below is a list of research funding opportunities available to METU Northern Cyprus Campus faculty and students:

  • Support for Scientific Research Projects
  • Support for Scientific Meetings
  • Publication Award
  • Co-Supervision Grant
  • Graduate Assistant Scholarship and Research Grant
  • Graduate Researcher Scholarship and Research Support Grant

Funding requests must be submitted online via the Campus Information System (CIS). Since they do not have access to the CIS, students should use existing forms, which are available at “Forms-RCSO” section under the “Research” tab of the University website, to apply for any of the funding opportunities listed above.

Application details:

  • In order to receive a grant within the outlined scope of support, applicants must submit original valid payment documents as follows:
    • Invoices
    • Pay slips (from endowments)
    • E-tickets
    • Receipts
  • These documents must be drawn up on behalf of the person(s) granted support and must provide all required approvals and necessary information such as date, issue number, stamp, signature, etc. In cases where a valid payment document cannot be submitted (e.g. online payments, etc.), supplementary documents such as credit card receipts, bank pay slips, etc. must be attached to the document at hand.
    • a. When submitting an online offsetting/funding request via the Campus Information System, copies of all documents must be attached to the form that was filled out. After the approval process is completed, the approved form, signed and accompanied by the orijinal documents, is sent to the Office of Financial Affairs.
    • b. Where an offsetting/funding request is made via a printed form, original documents are sent to the Research Coordination and Support Office (RCSO), along with the form.

Categories of expenditure covered by the Travel Support Fund:

  • Intercity and international transports
  • Daily allowance
  • Accommodation
  • Scientific meeting participation fee → This is the ONLY expenditure type eligible for cost reimbursement by the Campus Fund in cases where the attended meeting took place in the TRNC.

Non-covered expenditure categories:

  • Airport transfers
  • Taxi fares (excluding cases where no other option is available)
  • Inner city transports
  • Membership fee
  • Visa expenses
  • Currency conversion expenses/costs, bank expenses, etc.