Do you want an internationally recognized English language teaching qualification?

METU NCC School of Foreign Languages will be running a part-time Cambridge English Language Assessment development course for TEFL/TESOL teachers
(In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching)

from Fall 2016 to Summer 2017.

Applicants must be teaching English as a Foreign Language to a group of at least five learners for the 2016-2017 academic year.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Ms. Rhian Webb by calling +90 (0392) 661 2835 or email:

 Information About ICELT

What is ICELT?  = In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching

ICELT is an international English language teaching qualification accredited and externally moderated by Cambridge English.  CELTA is for inexperienced English teachers, ICELT is for more experienced, working teachers and DELTA is the highest ELT qualification.

For full information please visit the official website

Who is ICELT course for? 

Teachers of English as a second or foreign language at any educational level, who will be teaching English for the 2016-2017 academic year.

How long is the course? 

32 weeks (one workshop is approx. 3 hours a week) spread over two semesters – that is, one academic year.

What are the course requirements?

1)  A good level of spoken and written English (IELTS score of 6.5 or similar)
2)  A full-time or part-time English teaching job for 2014-2015 academic year.
3)  A commitment to approximately 12-15 hours a week, which includes workshop attendance, observations, reading and assignment writing.
4)  Completion of the following: 4 written language tasks (max. 1,000 words each), 4 written methodology assignments (max. 1,500 words each), 4 observed, assessed lessons, 8 peer observations (observing other teachers, teaching English)
5)  Internet connection – essential for submitting tasks, receiving feedback, etc., and keeping in touch with tutors.
5)  80% attendance.  If attendance falls below this level candidates will be asked to leave the course.

Where will the course be held?  

Weekly workshops will be at METU, NCC Campus, Kalkanli, Güzelyurt.  Observed lessons will take place in the applicant's institution.  Applicants will be responsible for getting permission from their employers for these observations to take place.

What is the Course fee?  

For the current course fee, please contact Rhian Webb by emailing

How do I apply?  

Send an expression of interest email to  Then an appointment will be arranged and the application process followed.   

 For further information contact: 
Tel: +90 (0392) 661 2835, Fax: +90 (0392) 661 2809 or email: