Extension of Dates for Course Withdrawal and Extension of Time for Graduate Students who are in their Dissertation Stage Due to Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been decided to introduce some flexibility to the regulations of our University for the following procedures (only for Fall Semester of the 2020-2021 Academic Year), in accordance with this decision, the duration of the below processes has been extended.

  • For our undergraduate students; The number of courses allowed to withdraw within one semester has been increased by one course. Accordingly, withdrawal requests, which can be used for a total of 2 courses in the current Fall semester, must be made in accordance with the calendar specified below. No changes will be made to this calendar. 

In this direction;

Students who have withdrawn from 1 course between 14-20 December 2020 will be given the right to withdraw 1 more course between 14-18 January 2021.

Students who did not withdraw from the course between 14-20 December 2020 will be given the right to withdraw from 2 courses between 14-18 January 2021.

According to the regulations of our university, the application for withdrawal is not a valid option for the courses in the curriculum of the first two semesters and it is not possible option for students with a minimum/below course load in the semester. However, considering the conditions of the current semester, our students will be given the right to withdraw from both the courses in the first two semesters and regardless of the course load in the current semester.

Students are required to contact their advisors before they can withdraw from the course.

Students who would like to withdraw from a course will be able to make their relevant applications by using the Course Withdrawal Application link at https://student.metu.edu.tr. If the student would like to withdraw from 1 or 2 courses within the period of withdrawal (even if the advisor's approval is obtained), the program will cancel the withdrawal from the previous course and send an information e-mail to the student and the advisor. In this case, the final status of the student's course withdrawal application process must be approved. For course withdrawal applications, students should follow the approval of the advisor from the program they applied for (Course Withdrawal Application Program at https://student.metu.edu.tr).

Course withdrawal approval procedures for advisors will be made through the https://sis.metu.edu.tr/ program. When students request to withdraw from the course, an information e-mail will be sent to the student and his / her advisor by the system.  After the approval or rejection, an information e-mail will be sent to the student by the system.

If the student who is in graduation status is approved, the student will not be able to graduate, since the withdrawal from the course that has not been taken will remain in the student's transcript.

The grade of the course will be shown as W in the student's transcript. If the course is a compulsory course, it must be taken in the following semesters and replaced with the course taken this semester. If the withdrawal course is an elective course, it must be replaced by the same course or another elective course in the same category in the following semesters.

Course withdrawal applications (for students)

 14-18 January 2021 (Until 22.59-TRNC Local Time)

Advisor approvals

 15-19 January 2021 (Until 22.59-TRNC Local Time)

  • For our students who are in their Dissertation Stage;  the deadline has been extended until January 15, 2021. The procedures to be done for the Additional Time requests of our students are as follows:

The procedure will be as follows;
·         Students should fill online form via https://intranet.ncc.metu.edu.tr/oim_dilekce.php  by stating their grounds for the application.
·         Petition forms will be forwarded to the relevant Academic Boards
·         Petition forms will be evaluated by the relevant Academic Boards
·         Students will be informed via METU e-mail.