Who can apply?

Who can apply?

     The Directive for Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus Unit for Gender Equality Promotion and Sexual Harassment Prevention covers all members of the University including students, academic and administrative staff, and all individuals working and living on the Campus. All kinds of sexual harassment and assault performed by these people against each other or against third parties fall within the scope of the METU NCC Unit of Sexual Harassment Prevention as long as all parties, or at least one of them, are connected with the University.     

     Students or staff members of the METU community who have concerns or inquiries about sexual assault or harassment can make a direct notification or file a complaint to the Unit. In cases where the purpose of the application is to inform the Unit, the consultation process is initiated. If the purpose of the application is to submit a complaint, the necessary action is initiated.

In other words, it is essential that the Complainant makes a request to the Unit to initiate proceedings for sexual assault or harassment. No action other than the support process can be initiated without the Complainant’s request.

In the event that sexual assault or harassment is encountered on the University Campus and in the places and vehicles allocated to the University, individuals apply to the Unit and necessary process is initiated.

     In case of any sexual harassment or assault is encountered outside the University Campus, the Unit creates the necessary registration and provides advice to the Complainant to support him/her in medical and legal matters.

The relevant authorities of the University forward the claims of sexual harassment and assault to the Unit on the same day. The relevant authorities are obliged to provide the Complainant with information about the Unit and to direct him/her to the Unit.