Academic Board of Graduate Studies

Academic Board of Graduate Studies

Academic Board of Graduate Studies (ABGS) is the authorized body of the Campus, responsible for making decisions in all academic processes related to the Thesis Master's Degree programs in the Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems, Political Science and International Relations and English Language Teaching. The area of responsibility of the Board includes, upon the recommendation by program coordinators, approval of student admissions, establishment of the terms and conditions for scholarships, approval of thesis defense reports, verification of graduation eligibility, evaluation of adjustment processes, verification of eligibility for inter-program transfers, and assessment and evaluation of exchange students.

Head of Academic Board of Graduate Studies: Prof. Dr. Gürkan Karakaş 

Board Members:       


Master's Degree Programs


Secretary to the Board: Aslı Ökten


Registrar's Office
Office of Graduate Studies
Phone:  +90 392 661 2098
Fax: +90 392 661 2099