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Post Doctoral Positions

Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus, promotes diversity in its hiring, promotion, and development of its personnel and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin, religion, marital status or disability.

Thank  you for your interest in Post-Doctoral  Positions at the
  Middle  East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus

Applications are currently being requested  in the following fields and areas:

  1. Computer Engineering / Computer  Sciences, "Investigation of Analysis and Processing Techniques of Sensor Data for Activity Recognition", prior knowledge and experience in new machine learning trends (such as deep learning), and data science is advantageous. 
    For more  information, you can contact:
    Dr. Yeliz Yesilada, Associate Professor, Computer Engineering Department,
    Dr. Enver Ever, Associate Professor, Computer Engineering Department,

  2. Computer Engineering / Computer  Sciences, "Agent-Based Simulation - Coherence-Driven Cognitive Agent", prior knowledge and experience in Cognitive Science, Agent-Based Simulation, Social Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, specifically intelligent agents field, and/or Multi Agent Systems is advantageous. In social simulations, including the user social behavioral modeling, the cognitive abilities are the most important properties that an intelligent and social agent must own. Unfortunately, the state-of-the-art autonomous agent architectures (e.g., rule-based systems, utility-based and goal-based agents, etc.) generally are lack of the cognitive abilities. We believe that an agent with these capabilities will significantly improve the user behavioral modeling and social testing.
    For more  information, you can contact:
    Dr. Okan Topçu, Associate Professor, Coordinator of Computer Engineering Department,


  1. Electrical-Electronics Engineering/Energy Harvesting Hybrid VLSI Interface Circuits for Autonomous Batteryless Sensor Nodes
    For more information, you  can contact:
    Prof. Dr. Ali Muhtaroglu, Associate Professor, Electrical-Electronics Engineering Program,
  2. Mathematics: a)  Lojasiewicz exponent of an isolated rational  singularity via m-primary complete
    ideals. b) The invariants  of degenerate plane curve singularities.
    For more information, you  can contact:
    Asst. Prof. Dr. Emel  Bilgin, Mathematics program, 
  3. Mathematics: Quantum Cones and  their applications, Noncommutative algebraic geometry based on Lie-complete  rings.
    For more information, you  can contact:
    Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Anar Dosiev, Mathematics program,
  4. Mathematics: Farahat-Higman Rings for symmetric groups and related structures.  
    For more information, you  can contact:
    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kürşat Aker, Mathematics program,
  5. Chemistry, Organic Synthesis: Synthesis of Donor-Acceptor p-Conjugated Systems for Applications in Organic Electronic and Photovoltaic Devices. Experience in organic electronics, design, synthesis and purification of organic materials are required.
    For more information, you  can contact:
    Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Erkut Özser, Chemistry Group,


  6. Mechanical Engineering/ Computational Fluid Mechanics, microfluidic fabrication, simulation of active and passive particle separation techniques in the microfluidic devices for design of diagnostic devices, microfluidic system for cell separation. Prior knowledge and experience in microfluidics, COMSOL software and CAD software is advantageous.
    For more information, you  can contact:
    Dr. Ali Atashbar Orang, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department,
    Dr. Onur Taylan, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department,


  7. Electrical and Electronics Engineering / Power Electronics,  The project aims to develop a method to characterize the remaining lifetime of power electronic converters used in renewable energy systems by investigating electrothermal performance and acoustic and electromagnetic emissions.  Prior knowledge and experience in MATLAB is advantageous.
    For more information, you  can contact:
    Dr. Canraş Batunlu, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department,


  8. Physics / Comprehensive numerical and analytical approaches to analysis of light transport within tissues in the field of noninvasive optical imaging are expected to improve our understanding of the dynamics of cell formation in multicellular tissues. Such approaches can reveal distinctive features of light transport and enable us to identify abnormal or damaged cells having different shapes and sizes due to a variety of diseases. In particular, hybrid imaging technologies combining optical and/or optoacoustic modalities can provide significant insights into structural and mechanical processes in tissues. This project involves development of new numerical and analytical models to describe physical interactions that form the basis of these modalities. The results will pave the way for advancement of the diagnostic potential of hybrid imaging technologies as well as lab-on-a-chip devices that employ similar modalities.
    Applicants with a PhD in physics, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, or a related field will be considered. Prior knowledge in optics and light-tissue interaction is a must.
    For more information, you can contact:

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dizem Arifler, Physics Group,

The documents listed below should be  submitted electronically to Dr. Okan Topçu, at Documents faxed or sent by mail will not be taken into consideration:  
Cover letter,  
Letter of intent explaining the expected  contribution of the collaborative research to the field,  
Curriculum vitae,  
List of publications,  
List of citations,  
Copies of previous titles/degrees  awarded.