Smart Class

Smart Class

Definition:The Smart Class is a system designed to bring the teacher and students at different physical locations together in an interactive environment, using videoconferencing and live broadcasting techniques.

Location:The Smart Class is situated in the Seminar Room No: 5 of the Cultural & Convension Center. It is administered by METU-NCC Information and Communication Technologies Office under the supervision of the President's Office.

Capacity: The capacity of the METU Smart Class is 24 persons excluding the teacher.

Features: In the METU Smart Class;

    • Due to the current videoconferencing capability, joint lectures, seminars and jury meetings can be held together with other classes with similar technologies all over the world.
    • Lectures, seminars, presentations and meetings can be broadcast live on the campus via internet.
    • Interactive participation in lectures, seminars, presentations and meetings via internet with authorized entry is possible.


  •  To hold seminars and jury meetings with participants at different physical locations.
  •  To conduct classes for some sections of the courses taken by a large number of students.
  •  To have lectures, seminars and meetings in cooperation with other universities.
  •  To enable other applications requiring Smart Class capabilities.
  •  Teachers' Computer:The teacher is capable of presenting any material (presentations, documents, tables, etc.) in a digital format to the participants or students by reflecting them on large screens from this computer.
  •  Interactive Smart Board:On the interactive smart board, the teacher is able to present the documents s/he has prepared, use his/her own handwriting in any color, and make drawings easily using ready-made shapes.
  • Video Conference System: It can be used video conference system for lectures, seminars and sessions, which are physically in other locations in the world. The type of the system is "Tandberg MPX 990" and it can make connections with IP.

Short-term use (seminars, etc.): Teachers who wish to make use of Smart Class capabilities should fill in and send the Smart Class Request Form available at as "smart class request form SC1" (English; Form: SC-1) or as "akıllı sınıf kullanım talebi formu AS1" (Turkish; Form AS-1). The person in charge of the Smart Class will prepare the schedule and notify the applicant by e-mail.

Usage Priorities:

The usage priorities of the Smart Class are as follows:

1) Education (METU-NCC and METU)

2) Scientific Research (METU-NCC and METU)

3) Education (other than METU) 4) Scientific Research (other than METU)

If the declared purposes of usage in the application forms are very similar, the priority will be given according to the date on the SC-1 form.  

To fill in the form logon to the intranet ( by entering your user name and password  (under System Entries)