PC Room Regulations

Rules & Policies


The computer study rooms, which are managed by the Directorate of Information Technologies, are for the use of students doing their coursework, working on course assignments or carrying out course-related academic research. The informatics resources available in these rooms should be used in accordance with the METU Informatics Resources Usage Policies. To ensure the proper use of the facility, the following rules must also be strictly adhered to by all students:

  • Users are not allowed to leave their personal belongings (bags, notebooks, etc.) to reserve a study space in the computer study rooms. Computers left unattended for more than 15 minutes would be logged off by other users or IT Staff, and other students would be allowed to use them. You are entitled to use a PC that has been left unattended by the previous user for 15+ minutes. Campus Administration is not responsible for loss of personal property.
  • The study room computers should not be used to listen to music at a high volume that can be heard by other users, or to run applications that produce sounds. Headphones must be used when listening to sound on computers.
  • Students who need the computers in the study room for academic purposes and course work or study will have priority over those who want to use them for fun –for example, playing chess or bridge, watching movies, etc. if there are no computers available for use in the study room.
  • Computer study room users should not enter the internet sites that do not comply with the general ethical standards of society and they should not disturb other users. All users are expected to contribute to the maintenance of an environment that is conducive to study.
  • Mobile phones should not be used in the computer study rooms in any way which may disturb other users. Urgent phone calls should be made outside the study rooms.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the computer study rooms.
  • Smoking and the use of tobacco products are not permitted in the computer study rooms in line with the law that prohibits the use of tobacco products within the enclosed areas.
  • Attempting to log into a computer by entering someone else’s user code, or without entering a user code, constitutes a crime.
  • Silence must be observed in the study rooms at all times. Conversations should be kept at a minimum to maintain a peaceful study environment.
  • All users are required to act in compliance with the guidance provided by the IT staff and by the security staff, who are responsible for maintaining the smooth operation of the computer study rooms. Users are also expected to avoid arguing with staff members. To submit any issues, you encounter, please use the online feedback forms available on the Intranet.
  • Downloading malicious softwares, which threaten information security, to directories accessible to students, running or attempting to install such softwares on the computers, and causing damage to the computer software or hardware constitute a crime.
  • The network infrastructure of the study rooms does not allow unauthorized internet access through network access devices such as laptops.
  • Please remember to log off or to turn off the computer at the end of your session because you will be responsible for all operations you perform on the computer you logged in.
  • It is important to save your files on the computer to the “For User (D:)” drive, otherwise you may lose your data if the session is terminated or the computer shuts down due to a technical failure.
  • If the common study room is full after 5.30 pm, you can contact the Security Office on 0392 6611958 to use the classroom IZ-04.

 Penal Provisions
Any user who violates any, and all, of the rules specified in this document shall be banned from the use of computer study rooms for a period of minimum one week. Violations that constitute a crime will be dealt in compliance with the procedure required by law.

  • The central server denies access to the resources requested by users who have been found in violation of the rules specified above and therefore subjected to any sanctions and such users are not allowed to use the computer study rooms during the period of time that the sanction is in effect.
  • In case of failure to comply with, or recurring violation of, the rules specified in this document, the period of punishment may be extended by the authorized staff of the Directorate of Information Technologies, depending on the type of the violation, the magnitude of the damage done to the resources or individuals/institutions, and the number of rule violations.