Covid-19 Yurtlar



Dear students,

All students staying in the Dorm are required to have an antigen/PCR test every 14 days and upload their test results to the database using the link provided below.


Best regards,
Executive Board of Dorms


Dear Students,

1. Students have to complete their vaccinations in order to be registered in the dorms. In other words, unvaccinated students cannot stay in the dorms.

2. A person is considered vaccinated if s/he has performed a complete vaccination with one of the vaccines recognised by the TRNC and if 14 days have passed since a second dose of vaccine has been received. During the registration process, vaccination certificates must be presented.

3. The students who will attend the Prep. Class will not be accommodated in the campus dorms as their education will be online. A further notice will be sent in case the education is face-to-face in the Spring Semester. These students will not suffer any losses in their dorm scholarships or dorm guarantees.

4. Be noted, no visitors are allowed into the dorms.

5. The students must obey all the rules taken by TRNC Ministry of Health during the pandemic period.

Best regards,

Executive Board of Dorms