Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

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Welcome To METU NCC Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Program

Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Program at the Middle East Technical University (METU) - Northern Cyprus Campus provides a modern education to help students gain strong background about the fundamentals of petroleum and natural gas engineering.  Besides enhancement of their scientific and technical knowledge and engineering skills, students are urged to learn how to find solutions for national, international, social and environmental issues related to the petroleum industry. Objectives of the education include all operational techniques; such as drilling, production, and reservoir management for putting subsurface petroleum and natural gas resources and geothermal energy resources to human utilization. It is aimed that, in addition to technical ability, graduates adapt principles of lifetime learning, environmental responsibility and ethical awareness, and that they have sufficient knowledge about the health and safety of employees. Summer practices give students the opportunity to establish the link between theoretical knowledge and practical applications, as well as the recognition of work conditions.

The main content of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering education can be summarized as follows:

  • Fundamental  natural sciences and earth sciences for  engineers,
  • The physical and chemical properties and dynamics of petroleum reservoir fluids (oil, gas and formation water),
  • The petrophysical properties of reservoir rocks,
  • The drilling and production of petroleum and natural gas,
  • The economical and effective management of petroleum and natural gas reserves



The mission of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Program at METU Northern Cyprus Campus is to provide education at the highest standards in the areas of drilling, production and reservoir engineering for the underground energy resources.

The program aims to educate tomorrow’s petroleum engineers who would be able to:

  •    Apply the knowledge they have gathered effectively into real-world problems
  •    Become life-long learners and advance the science and technology
  •    Think outside the defined norms, approach to challenging problems from different angles and develop innovative and practical solutions
  •    Demonstrate excellent leadership, teamwork, communication and problem solving skills
  •    Demonstrate engineering ethics, professionalism, social and environmental awareness


Career Opportunities

Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering graduates will have acquired the necessary education to work in the domains of exploration, drilling, production, transportation, storage and management of petroleum, natural gas and geothermal energy.  METU graduates are well recognized with their knowledge and capabilities and been preferable engineers for employment by national and international petroleum companies or others providing high-tech services to them.