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Electrical and Electronics Engineering Program

Due to its leading role in the development and application of science and technology, Electrical-Electronics Engineering is one of the most rapidly changing and developing areas of engineering. Ranging from electromagnetic field theory to microwave circuit and antenna design, basic electrical circuit analysis methods to large-scale circuit design, digital system design to communication technologies, power electronics to high voltage & power system applications, symbolic logic to artificial intelligence and biomedical engineering to microelectronics, this field of engineering synthesizes well-established theories with emerging ones in great harmony and creativity in an effort to generate solutions and products in sectors as varied as energy, health, space technology and defense.

METU NCC Electrical and Electronics Engineering Program

The purpose of the METU NCC EEE Program is to provide a contemporary education opportunity in every field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Students, both national and international, will become engineering professionals with recognized research and leadership abilities, working creatively and effectively, and adhering to life-long learning principles. Students will not only acquire a sound knowledge of basic science, such as mathematics, physics and chemistry but they will also develop a firm understanding of economics, social sciences and humanities before specializing in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Students can take advantage of the flexibility of the curriculum design and upon building a sound background on basic sciences and engineering sciences. They may specialize in the computer, microwave circuits and antennas, power systems and power electronics or control fields of Electrical and Electronic Engineering by choosing appropriate technical electives.


The mission of our program is:

  •  To graduate skilled and ethical professionals in all major fields of Electrical and Electronics Engineering by providing a high quality educational environment at the universal standards of excellence that promotes critical thinking, creativity, skills for lifelong learning, and intellectual, social and professional development;
  •  To discover and disseminate knowledge by conducting high-quality research to benefit humanity.


Career Opportunities

Students graduating from METU NCC Electrical and Electronics Program can work as engineers, researchers or managers in any public or private organization operating in areas as diverse as digital system design and communication technologies, automation and control of energy production, conveyance and distribution; bioengineering and defense applications requiring high-level technology such as intelligent control, signal processing; hardware design and software development and in the ever growing electrical energy sector. Graduates may also pursue academic careers in leading universities, both in Turkey or elsewhere, as a result of the broad knowledge and analytical perspective they gain through the METU NCC Electrical and Electronics Engineering Program.