Academic Board of Social Sciences

Academic Board of Social Sciences

Academic Board of Social Sciences (ABSS) is comprised of the Economics, Business Administration, Joint Business Administration (METU - SUNY New Paltz University), Political Science and International Relations and Computer Education and Instructional Technology, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Psychology, and Guidance and Psychological Counseling programs. The Board coordinates the academic and administrative work of these undergraduate degree programs regarding student affairs, procedures related to faculty members undertaking an overseas assignment, curriculum revisions and new course openings.

Head of Academic Board of Social Sciences V.: Prof. Dr. Ali Cevat Taşıran

Deputy Head: Assist. Prof. Dr. Hayriye Kahveci Özgür 

Board Members

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Economics and Administrative Sciences






Education and Research Groups

  • Mediterranean Studies Research Group

Other Academic Staff Members Represented by the Board

  • Turkish – Instr. Tayfun Can Onuk 
  • Turkish – Instr. Serhat Adem Körkuyu
  • History – Dr. Şefika Akile Zorlu Durukan (METU Ankara)
  • Art – Instr. Serhat Selışık 
  • Philosophy – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Samet Bağçe (METU Ankara)
  • Biology – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sertaç Önde (METU Ankara)
  • Law – Prof. Dr. Ali Murat Özdemir (Hacettepe University)

Secretary to the Board:
Pevrin Harmanlı


Phone: +90 392 661 2025
Fax: +90 392 661 2029