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WELCOME TO METU NCC Political Science and International Relations PROGRAM


Politics and International Relations are to be found at the heart of today’s interdependent and tempestuous world. A thorough and systematic understanding of Politics and International Relations is vital to many fields of study and of fields of work.

Whether it is the continuing impact of globalisation, the conflicts in the Middle East or Afghanistan; inequalities of wealth and power; the effect of regulations the World Trade Organization; the workings of the International Monetary Fund; the effectiveness of international law; the development of constitutional settlements; the emergence of truth commissions in post-conflict societies; the changing character of terrorism; renewed mass migrations of peoples; the global power of capital and the global organisation of labour; the meaning of intellectual property; the transformations between religious and secular societies; or the effective implementation of public policy or environmental mitigation measures, and so much more – the subject of Politics and International Relations directly informs people’s daily lives.

Here in the Political Science and International Relations programme at Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus (METU NCC), we believe that whichever part of state, business or civil society you will eventually work in, you need to know what is going on and are able to explain the nature and direction of changes in the world.

Teaching at METU NCC

As with METU as a whole, the language of instruction and learning is English. Teaching methods change as students become increasingly independent and self-directed learners. Most courses are taught through weekly seminars and lectures, and electives teaching is based on still-lower teacher-student ratio. Similarly, the pattern of assessment is designed to promote different kinds of intellectual and practical skills at each stage, reflecting your developing academic independence.

But were not here to simply tell you : indeed our main ambition is to provide you with the tools, techniques, theories and concepts for you to become an independent learner and researcher. This way you can continue to understand and explain changes in Politics and International Relations long after you have graduated from METU NCC. We wish to offer you a benefit that will be of life-long value to you.

Students and Degree Programmes

The Political Science and International Relations programme at Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus (METU NCC) was one of the founding programmes introduced with the opening of the campus in September 2004. Thus METU NCC offered a joint undergraduate degree in Political Science and International Relations before also launching a graduate (MS) degree in September 2008.

Our staff and students come from a range of countries, so studying international relations at METU NCC is an international experience in every sense. Our undergraduate intake is currently at c. 40 students per annum, primarily from the Republic of Turkey and, secondarily from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and with a small but increasing proportion of international students.

METU NCC provides internationally recognised high quality degree programmes at internationally competitive tuition fee rate. Fee rates are established substantially below typical rates demanded by most North American and other European universities since we wish to admit students based on merit, whilst continuing to offer students an international high quality teaching and research environment.

Current fee rates can be found at the main METU NCC website. In addition a number of scholarships are available for both undergraduate and graduate students.

International faculty, international research

In addition to our dedication to teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels, our faculty staff are committed to continued research and publication in various specialised fields. Our staff publish in leading international academic journals as well as with leading academic monograph publishers.

Currently we are appointing a permanent core of faculty staff who represent some of the leading international researchers in their respective fields. This core faculty staff is complemented and supplemented each semester by visiting faculty staff from the METU Ankara campus. In addition, regular contributions from visiting professors from around the world serve to widen and deepen the quality of the METU NCC experience of studying Political Science and International Relations.

Our faculty staff have rich experience of higher education and leading research from across the world. All have been awarded PhD degrees from leading universities in Europe, North America, Turkey and elsewhere, and all are involved in a number of dedicated international research networks. Our faculty are leading scholars, and students and research clients will be exposed to ideas that are at the cutting edge of the disciplines.