Post Doctoral Positions

Post Doctoral Positions

Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus, promotes diversity in its hiring, promotion, and development of its personnel and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin, religion, marital status or disability.

Thank  you for your interest in Post-Doctoral  Positions at the
  Middle  East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus

Applications are currently being requested  in the following fields and areas:

  1. Computer Engineering / Computer  Sciences in the area of machine online-learning who are familiar with the new  machine learning trends (such as cortical learning and deep learning), and  preferably have experience in service and cloud management.
    For more  information, you can contact:
    Dr. Islam  Elgedawy, Associate Professor, Computer Engineering Department,  elgedawyatmetu.edu.tr
  2. Computer Engineering/Computer Science in the area of web engineering/science and artificial intelligence who are familiar with web technologies and machine learning applications
    For more information, you  can contact:
    Dr. Yeliz Yesilada, Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering Department,  yyelizatmetu.edu.tr
  3. Mathematics: "Group Actions and  Geometric Structures on Principal Bundles". The main thrusts of the project are  to (i) classify torus equivariant algebraic principal bundles on toric varieties  and their generalizations like T-varieties and group completions; and (ii)  construct complex or CR structures on the total space of smooth principal  bundles.
    For more information, you  can contact:
    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mainak  Poddar, Mathematics program, mpoddaratmetu.edu.tr 
  4. Mathematics: a)  Lojasiewicz exponent of an isolated rational  singularity via m-primary complete
    ideals. b) The invariants  of degenerate plane curve singularities.
    For more information, you  can contact:
    Assist. Prof. Dr. Emel  Bilgin, Mathematics program, bemelatmetu.edu.tr 
  5. Mathematics: Quantum Cones and  their applications, Noncommutative algebraic geometry based on Lie-complete  rings.
    For more information, you  can contact:
    Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Anar Dosiev, Mathematics program, dosievatmetu.edu.tr

The documents listed below should be  submitted electronically to Prof. Dr. Turker Gürkan, at tgurkanatmetu.edu.tr. Documents faxed or sent by mail will not be taken into consideration:  
Cover letter,  
Letter of intent explaining the expected  contribution of the collaborative research to the field,  
Curriculum vitae,  
List of publications,  
List of citations,  
Copies of previous titles/degrees  awarded.