2017 Summer School Announcement


Course registrations and advisor approvals will be available between June 28th, 2017 (starting at 09:00 am) and June 30th, 2017 (until 16:00). The Student Affairs Information System will be used for course registrations (as in the Fall and Spring semesters). Students do not need to be in the campuses to get advisors' approvals for summer school courses. Please read this document carefully if you are planning to take courses in the Summer School.

Summer School classes begin on July 3rd, 2017. Final exams end on August 15th 2017.

Courses to be Offered

You can find the courses to be offered at METU NCC and METU Ankara campus via SAIS Program 64


Programs and departments can make changes about the courses until the registration date. Therefore you should check the courses before the registration period.

Summer School Rules

Course registrations and advisor approval dates are the same for METU Ankara and METU NCC courses. You can take courses from NCC or Ankara Campus. Please note that you cannot take one course from Ankara Campus and one course from NCC.

If a course is offered at NCC and the identical course is offered in Ankara Campus, you can take that course at Ankara Campus as well. Please note that the criteria and quotas for the courses are managed by the related programs and departments. METU NCC Registrar's Office is not responsible for the management of criteria and quotas.

You can take at most two courses (no limit on the number of credits).

Dropping courses or withdrawal from courses is not possible in summer school.

Interactive course registration system will be accessible on June 28th, 2017 at 09:00 to on-campus and other users. You don't need to be in the campuses to complete the registration and advisor approval procedures. Advisors will approve your courses remotely. System will close on June 30th, 2017 (at 16:00)

It's well known that some courses at Ankara Campus are popular and get full in a few minutes. Be careful if you are planning to take such courses.

We will announce the courses to be closed due to insufficient enrollment on June 30th, 2017.

Academic advisors an/or program coordinators should approve the courses to be taken at NCC or Ankara Campus. Please keep in touch with your Academic Advisor and/or Program Coordinator. Courses not approved by the academic advisors will be dropped by the Registrar's Office after the interactive registration period.

Students with probation status by the end of the spring semester can take only the courses they have taken before. A new elective course can be taken if it replaces another elective course taken before.

Due to the three-semesters rule, courses taken before, with a DD or higher grade, the 2015-2016 Spring Semester cannot be taken during the 2017 summer school. This rule does not apply to probation students.

If you are planning to stay in dormitories (Ankara Campus or NCC), you should apply to the related dormitories.

Prep school students who have passed the EPE before the registration period can take courses. They have to visit the Registrar’s Office and apply for it.

Note for Engineering Students: You cannot take the courses below in Non-Technical Elective category.

History of Jazz (MUS 231, MUS 232, MUS 331, MUS 332), History of Music (MUS 241, MUS 242), Foundations of Distance Education (CEIT 321)


You should pay the tuition fee to the Türkiye İş Bankası, ODTÜ KKK Branch Online Account (3B Ekranı, Kurum Kodu: 006, Ödeme Türü: KKK). The system will be open for payments until June 29th, 2017 (to 16:00). Since there is no pre-defined debt in the system, you should calculate the fee considering the number of credits you are planning to take and pay the tuition fee accordingly.

Free Credits: We have defined the free credits in the system which you can use for the courses offered at METU NCC. You can view the free credit numbers on SAIS (Student Semester Information, semester: 20163). Students with %100 scholarship can use 8 credits, students with %75 scholarship can use 6 credits, students with %50 scholarship can use 4 credits and students with %25 scholarship can use 2 credits free of charge for METU NCC courses. Credits used during the previous summer schools have been deducted. If you will take more credits then the number of free credits, you should pay the difference. Those free credits cannot be used for the courses offered in Ankara Campus.

Tuition fee per credits for METU NCC Courses: 128 USD.

Tuition fees per credits for courses offered in Ankara Campus are as follows

Business Administration 55 USD
Economics 55 USD
Political Science and International Relations 55 USD
Guidance and Psychological Counseling 25 USD
Computer Education and Instructional Technology 25 USD
Teaching English as a Foreign Language 25 USD
Psychology 50 USD
Aerospace Engineering 70 USD
Computer Engineering 70 USD
Chemical Engineering 70 USD
Civil Engineering 70 USD
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 70 USD
Mechanical Engineering 70 USD
Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering 70 USD

MAT 120 Free of Charge: Students who enrolled for the first time and passed in MAT 100 course in the Fall 2016 and MAT 119 in the Spring 2017 semester can take MAT 120 course (offered at NCC) in the summer school free of charge. Those students should apply using the form below no later than June 26th, 2017.

MAT 120 Application Form

Credit Card Payments: You can make tuition fee payments via OPAY system. Fees per credits are defined for the NCC Courses. You can choose a suitable credit number to make the payment. If you want pay fees for Ankara Campus Courses, you can choose a suitable amount considering the fees per credits in the table above. Refunds will be completed in August 2017 if you pay more amount than the required fees.