Exchange & Visiting Programs

Economics and Administrative Sciences Undergraduate Programs

ERASMUS Student Exchange Programme 

The Erasmus Student Exchange Programme allows METU NCC students to apply to study in another university outside of Turkey and northern Cyprus.

There are hundreds of different universities from across Europe participating in this programme. You can study for between one term and one full academic year in another appropriate university.

The aim of the Erasmus Program is to increase the quality of Higher Education in Europe, and strengthen the European Dimension in the Higher Education in Europe. Actually, Erasmus is mostly related with the “mobility of university students”. Erasmus is a program funded by the European Union (EU), established to link universities in the member states of the European Union.

Erasmus is one of the major branches of the EU- Lifelong Learning Program (LLP) that covers undergraduate and graduate studies in universities.

It would be helpful to quote from the key objectives of the LLP Program, determined by the LLP Bureau in Brussels:

  • To achieve a significant increase in student and staff mobility between European Higher Education Institutions,
  • To promote broad and lasting inter-institutional co-operation,
  • To contribute to the concept of a people’s Europe,
  • To contribute to the economic and social development of Europe through the creation of a significant number of higher education graduates with direct experience of intra- European cooperation.

Who can participate? 

To participate in the LLP/ERASMUS programme, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • You are a student and enrolled in a formal programme of study at higher education level leading to a degree or a diploma (including doctoral level) in one of the participating countries.
  • You have completed at least the first year of your university studies.

Visiting Student/Study Abroad Programmes

As well as the Erasmus programme (which only applies to Europe) students may wish to undertake study abroad programmes, summer schools, or visiting studies which can be arranged individually with the help and advice of PSIR faculty staff.

Again, students may study in another university for a summer school or for one semester or up to one year. Prior to leaving for study abroad students will apply for advisor and university approval and credits may be transferred back to METU NCC.

Listed below are a few examples of recent study abroad programmes that PSIR students have successfully undertaken :

International Relations, Government and Society Summer School at the London School of Economics (LSE), University of London

One year of undergraduate study at International Relations at the University of Sussex

One semester of undergraduate study Political Science at Boston University

We strongly encourage PSIR students to take the opportunity to study internationally if at all possible.

The International Fund for American Studies

A number of our students have been successful in applying for the Summer Institutes/Schools of The International Fund for American Studies (TFAS). With PSIR faculty support we encourage students to apply for this kind of programme which is available with scholarship support.

The following Institutes are held each summer around the world and are sponsored in part by Georgetown University:

The following Institutes are held in Washington, D.C. in partnership with Georgetown University:

Summer Institutes:

Fall and Spring Semesters:

  • Capital SemesterFor students looking to spend their fall or spring semester gain public policy experience.

To apply for the TFAS programme speak to your advisor and follow this link