Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Full-Time Academic Staff
Educational Background: 
  • B.A., Universidad de la Republica; M.Phil., Universitat Autonoma; Ph.D. Universitat Autonoma
Research Interests: 
  • Experimental Economics
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Applied Microeconomics
Courses Taught: 
  • ECO 101: Microeconomics
  • ECO 280: Engineering Economy
  • ECO 487: Experimental Economics
  • ECO 312: Principles of Econometrics 2
  • ECO 413: Applied Statistics
Selected Publications: 
  • “Response time and heart rate in a moral dilemma”. Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics 10 (1), pp. 42-58. 2017. Joint with O.A. Oyediran.
  • “Trust and reciprocity in Cyprus”. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 63, pp. 36-49. 2016. Joint with T. Ekici and S. Ergun.
  • “Does managerial compensation affect workers’ effort?”. Journal of Applied Economics 18 (2), pp. 297-324. 2015. Joint with N. Hesse.
  • “Leadership, reward and punishment in sequential public goods experiments” in Reward and punishment in social dilemmas. Oxford University Press. Edited by P.A.M. Van Lange, B. Rockenbach, and T. Yamagishi. 2014. Joint with M. Sutter.
  • “An experiment on corruption and gender”. Bulletin of Economic Research 65 (1), pp. 10-42. 2013.
  • “Gender Differences in Economic Experiments”. Revista Internacional de Sociología 70 (extra 1), pp. 99-111. 2012. Joint with S. Ergun and T. García.
  • “The benefits of voluntary leadership in experimental public goods games”. Economics Letters 112 (2), pp.176-178. 2011. Joint with M. Sutter.
  • “On punishment and well-being”. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 72(3), pp. 823-834. 2009. Joint with J. Brandts.
  • “Wage dispersion and workers’ effort”, Economics Bulletin 29 (2), pp. 796-802. 2009.
  • “Tendencias recientes de la participación femenina en el mercado de trabajo del Uruguay, 1986‐2000” (“Recent tendencies of the female participation in the Uruguayan labor market, 1986-2000”). Papeles de Población, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, Nº 32. 2002. Joint with X. García de Soria, M. Rossi and M. Taboada.