Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Full-Time Academic Staff
Business Administration
+90 392 661 2951
Educational Background: 
  • B.S., Bilkent University; M.S., Ph.D. University of Florida
Research Interests: 
  • Operations Research
  • Production Planning and Inventory Control
  • Supply Chain Network Design
  • Optimization models for integrated production, capacity and revenue management
Courses Taught: 
  • BUS 361 Operations Management
  • BUS 461 Supply Chain Management
  • BUS 352 Management Science
  • BUS 457 Decision Analysis Tools and Methods
  • BUS 463 Production Planning and Control
  • BUS 362 Quality Management
  • BUS 535 Energy Management
Selected Publications: 
  • Merzifonluoglu, Y.,2016. "Integrated demand and procurement portfolio management with spot market volatility and option contracts". European Journal of Operational Research,Available online. (SCI Expanded)
  • Merzifonluoglu, Y.,2015. "Impact of risk aversion and backup supplier on sourcing decisions of a firm". International Journal of Production Research,53 (22): 6937-6961. (SCI)
  • Merzifonluoglu, Y.,2015. "Risk Averse Supply Portfolio Selection with Supply, Demand and Spot Market Volatility". Omega, The International Journal of Management Science,57: 40-53. (SCI) and (SSCI)
  • Merzifonluoglu, Y., Feng, Y., 2014. "Newsvendor problem with multiple unreliable suppliers" International Journal of Production Research, 52 (1), 221-242. (SCI)
  • Merzifonluoglu,Y., Geunes, J., and H. E. Romeijn, 2012. “The static stochastic knapsack problem with normally distributed item sizes” Mathematical Programming, 134(2), 459-489. (SCI)
  • Geunes, J., Y. Merzifonluoglu and H. E. Romeijn, 2009. “Capacitated production planning with price sensitive demand and general concave revenue functions,” European Journal of Operations Research, 194(2), 390 405. (SCI Expanded)
  • Merzifonluoglu, Y., J. Geunes and H. E. Romeijn, 2007. “Capacity, demand and production planning with subcontracting and overtime options,” Naval Research Logistics, 54(4), 433 447. (SCI)
  • Merzifonluoglu, Y., J. Geunes, 2006. "Uncapacitated production and location planning models with demand fulfillment flexibility", International Journal of Production Economics , 102: 199-216. (SCI Expanded)