Instr. Dr.
School Of Foreign Languages
Educational Background: 
  • Ph.D., Hacettepe University
  • M.A., Hacettepe University
  • B.A., Ankara University
Research Interests: 
  • Writing Across the Curriculum, Writing Centers, Teaching Academic Writing, Material Design and Assessment in English for Academic Purposes
Courses Taught: 
  • Various English for Academic Purposes Courses
  • "Language Acquisition"" both at undergraduate and graduate levels
  • Technical Report Writing and Presentation
Selected Publications: 
  • Öncül, G. (2020). Defining the need: digital literacy skills for first-year university students. Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education.
  • Öncül, G. (2018). Information Literacy in Practice. Journal of IATEFL ESP SIG.
  • Öncül, G. and Webb, R. (2018). Intertwining Exploratory Practice with ‘Standard’ Research Practices in Foreign Language Education. Developing Language Teachers with Exploratory Practice: Innovations and Explorations in Language Education. J. Hanks and K. Dikilitias (Eds.). Palgrave Macmillan. Springer International Publishing
  • Öncül, G. (2017). Frequent testing: What are the real impacts of frequent quizzes on students, teachers, and instruction? Turkish Online Journal of English Language Teaching (TOJELT), 2(1), 1-19.
  • Öncül, G. (2013). EAP Reading: A Means to an End. EAP within the higher education garden: Cross-pollination between disciplines, departments and research, John Wrigglesworth (Ed.). Proceedings of the BALEAP Conference, Portsmouth 2011. Reading: Garnet.
  • Öncül, G. (2009). Short Stories for EFL Reading Classes. Congress Proceedings of International Congress of Comparative Literature and the Teaching of Literature and Language, 29 April—May 1 2009, Ankara, Turkey.
  • Şener, M. and Öncül, G. (2003). In Search Of Memory. Proceedings of the 8th International Bilkent University School of English Language ELT Conference on Speaking In the Monolingual Classroom: Need for A Fresh Approach? 79-89, Ankara, Turkey.