Full-Time Academic Staff
Civil Engineering
Educational Background: 
  • B.S., E.N.Polytechnique - Algiers
  • MSc., E.N.Polytechnique - Algiers
  • PhD., E.N.Polytechnique - Algiers
Research Interests: 
  • Geotechnical Engineering; Soil Mechanics; Foundation Engineering; Geotechnical Investigation; Fuzzy sets and their applications in Civil Engineering; Computational Geotechnics; Creep of geomaterials; Constitutive modelling; Hyperplasticity for Geomaterials; Uncertainty analysis; Geohazards and Risk; Random sets in geotechnics; Probabilistic analysis; Mechanics of Granular media.
Courses Taught: 
  • CVE 468 Geotechnical Design
  • CVE 366 Foundation Engineering 1
  • CVE 303 Probability and Statistics for Civil Engineers
Selected Publications: 
  • HTTP://ORCID.ORG/0000-0002-4429-9687
  • Depina I. , C. Ulmke, D. Boumezerane, V. Thakur,
  • “Bayesian updating of uncertainties in the stability analysis of natural slopes in sensitive clays”
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  • DOI
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  • Articles in peer-reviewed conferences:
  • D. Boumezerane
  • “Interval-Based Parameters for Stress Diffusion in Granular Medium”
  • ESREL 2018, European Safety and Reliability Conference, June 2018, Trondheim, Norway.
  • D. Boumezerane & M. Lahbiben
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  • August 2015 Gothenburg, SWEDEN
  • D. Boumezerane
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  • “Enhanced peat creep model - user manual and documentation. PIAG_GA_2011- 286397-R5” Technical Report, March 2016, CREEP Project.
Editorial Board Membership: 
  • International Journal of Civil Infrastructure (IJCI)