Prof. Dr.
Full-Time Academic Staff
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
+90 392 661 2035
Educational Background: 
  • B.S., University of Rochester; M.S.,Cornell University; Ph.D.,Oregon State University
Research Interests: 
  • Low Power Integrated Circuits (VLSI)
  • Energy Efficient Computing
  • System Integration of Renewable Energy Sourcee
Courses Taught: 
  • Logic Design
  • Electronics II - Digital Electronics
  • Introduction to VLSI Design
  • Computer Architecture I - II
  • Engineering Design I and II"
Selected Publications: 
  • R. Denker, A. Muhtaroglu, “Feasibility Analysis and Proof of Concept for Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting in Mobile Computers,” Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, Vol. 5, No. 2, doi: 10.1063/1.4794751, March 2013.
  • A. Rahimi, O. Zorlu, A. Muhtaroglu, and H. Kulah, “An Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting System for Low Frequency Applications with a Passive Interface ASIC in Standard CMOS,” Sensors & Actuators A, Vol. 188, pp. 158-166, December 2012.
  • A. Muhtaroglu, “Power Management and Energy Scavenging” in N. Kaabouch, & W. C. Hu (Eds.), “Energy-Aware Systems and Networking for Sustainable Initiatives” (book chapter), pp. 310-340, IGI Global, June 2012.
  • A. Rahimi, O. Zorlu, A. Muhtaroglu, and H. Kulah, "A Fully Self-Powered Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting System with Highly Efficient Dual Rail Output,“ IEEE Sensors Journal, Vol. 12, No. 6, pp. 2287-2298, June 2012.
  • A. Muhtaroglu, “Sustainable Power Management of Microelectronic Systems – Computing in a Greener World” (book), VDM, July 2008.
  • A. Muhtaroglu, A. Yokochi, A. von Jouanne, “A Sustainable Power Architecture for Mobile Computing Systems”, Journal of Power Sources, Vol. 178, No. 1, pp. 467-475, March 2008.