Assist. Prof. Dr.
Full-Time Academic Staff
Business Administration
+90 392 661 2922
Educational Background: 
  • B.A., M.A., Islamic University of Gaza; Ph.D., Vrije University of Brussels
Research Interests: 
  • Using meta-analysis in Accounting and Finance
  • Earnings management
  • Corporate governance
  • ESG
  • Educational governance
  • Failure prediction
  • Audit quality
  • Financial analysis
  • Social responsibility
Courses Taught: 
  • Advanced Auditing (Master students).
  • Financial Analysis.
  • Accounting Applications Using Excel Program.
  • International Accounting.
  • Advanced Accounting.
  • Managerial Accounting.
  • Governmental Accounting.
  • Financial Accounting I.
  • Financial Accounting II.
  • Financial Market.
  • Intermediate Accounting I.
  • Intermediate Accounting II.
  • Islamic Finance.
  • Managerial Finance.
  • Islamic Accounting.
Selected Publications: 
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