Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Full-Time Academic Staff
Guidance & Psychological Counseling
Web Address: 
Educational Background: 
  • B.S., Ankara University; Ph.D., METU
Research Interests: 
  • School climate
  • Attitudes toward women
  • Cross-cultural studies, Scale adaptation and testing psychometric properties
  • Use technology in Romantic Relationship and communication skills
  • Coping skills (rumination, forgiveness)
Courses Taught: 
  • GPC 136 Human Relations in Education
  • GPC 332 Theories of Family Counseling
  • GPC 437 Group Counseling
  • GPC 410 Field Practice in Individual Counseling
  • GPC 400 Field Practice in School Counseling Services
  • GPC 438 Practicum in Group Counseling
Selected Publications: 
  • Bugay, A., Sorum, P. C. & Mullet, E. (2014). The acceptability of physician-assisted-suicide as a function of circumstances: A preliminary study of Turkish students' views. Psicologica: International Journal of Methodology and Experimental Psychology, 35, 715-727.
  • Bugay, A. (2014). Measuring The Differences in Pairs' Marital Forgiveness Scores: Construct Validity and Links with Relationship Satisfaction. Psychological Reports, 114(2), 479-490. doi: 10.2466/21.02.PR0.114k18w5
  • Bugay, A. & Mullet, E. (2013). Conceptualizing Forgiveness, Granting Forgiveness, and Seeking Forgiveness: A Turkish-French Comparison, Review of European Studies, 5(5), DOI: 10.5539/res.v5n5p187
  • Serim, B., Erdur-Baker, Ö. & Bugay, A. (2013). The Common Fears and Their Origins among Turkish Children and Adolescents, Behaviour Change, 30(3), 199-209. DOI: 10.1017/bec.2013.18
  • Delevi, R., & Bugay, A. (2013). Gender differences in the meaning of dating and marriage among international students from Turkey. Multidiscplinary Journal of Gender Studies, 2(2), 127-149.
  • Delevi, R., & Bugay, A. (2013). Assessing reliability and validity of the Turkish language version of the Attitudes toward Women Scale (AWS). Journal of International Women's Studies, 14(1), 263-272.Available at:
  • Bugay, A. , Demir, A. & Delevi. R. (2012). Assessment of the factor structure, reliability and validity of the Turkish version of Heartland Forgiveness Scale. Psychological Reports, 111(2), 575-584. doi: 10.2466/08.21.PR0.111.5.575-584
  • Özgülük, B., Erdur-Baker, Ö. & Bugay, A. (2012). Testing validity and reliability of Children's Response Styles Questionnaire for Turkish early adolescents. European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 28(1), 1-7 (doi10.1027/1015-5759/a000104).
  • Erdur-Baker, Ö. & Bugay, A. (2011). Mediator and moderator role of loneliness in the relation between peer victimization and depressive symptoms. Australian Journal of Guidance and Counseling, 21(2), 175-185.
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